Yoshi’s Woolly World

by Lauren McLean

Pulling threads has never felt so satisfying

Yoshi’s Woolly World; the game so frustrating but so insanely cute that you just can’t stay mad at it. Something that Nintendo makes well are side-scrolling, puzzle platformers and let me tell you: if you’ve played any other Mario-universe puzzle-platformer, you’ll know exactly how Yoshi’s Woolly World works, but believe me, that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.

Like I said above, if you’ve played one Mario-based, puzzle platformer, you’ve essentially played them all. You know what they’re about and you know what to expect; different themed worlds, playful companions, collectibles, boss battles with the three-strikes-and-you’re-out kinda deal. This is exactly Yoshi’s Woolly World but that isn’t a bad thing! I’ve loved these platformers and I constantly return to them time and time again to complete the mini challenges I give myself, like completing the 1st world 100%, and honestly, I think Yoshi’s Woolly World has something else that the others games don’t.



Now, I didn’t play Kirby’s Epic Yarn so forgive me if I say some thing that have already been said 8 years ago but the yarn design is totally awesome. I love that Nintendo games just have this wonderful, colourful theme going on and YWW really nails it. It’s not just a yarn-main character with the world being a secondary thought to the designers, with lazy artwork.

They really did figure out how everything in these worlds and levels could be made into yarn or material. The lava, for example, is just a huge yellow and orange scarf and the water is just a couple of threads that wave around when falling from a high place. (Okay, this sounds lame, I know, but it blew my mind)

How everything interacted with the yarn balls that Yoshi swallows (and poops… like a fur-ball… of poop) was a surprise too, such as the Chain Chomps or the zippers that leak fire. Just trust me, they really did think of everything people would try to do with the yarn balls.


I wrapped him up good!

Gameplay wise, the levels are actually really cruisy and easy to get through… IF you don’t want the collectibles and dear God, I wanted the collectibles. Some of the collectibles are so appealing as, if you collect all 5 yarns in each level, you’ll unlock a brand new Yoshi to play as! (My favourite was the Flame Yoshi) The others, the flowers and the stickers, not so much. If I missed them, I’ll get them again on another playthrough. The difficulty really was set to one bar throughout, though and only got harder if you tried to get to certain spots to collect the yarn.


My diagnosis… BAD BABYSITTER!

The variation on levels and worlds though really extended the completion time on this game, which was welcome coming from playing Captain Toad: Treasure Trackerwhich was completed in less than 6 hours. Throughout the levels, they throw so many different and mostly not used twice scenery and problems to solve, which is refreshing as I was expecting a here’s-a-level-with-a-piranha-plant-now-here’s-a-level-with-a-fire-breathing-piranha-plant kind of deal. With each new level, came a new ‘Huh!’ of surprise from me as I tried to figure out a puzzle or how to defeat the bosses.


This guy was difficult… hence the wings

They also added in the ability to purchase power badges which can help you along the way, such as a power badge that stops you from getting hurt from lava or stops you from falling out of the world. They also allow you (and encourage you, if you’re that bad) to change to Mellow mode, which gives you wings and more health. Hey, anything to help me the yarns was okay by me.


Occasionally, you’ll get to transform into stuff to tear shit up. This time, I was giant Yoshi


The gameplay was truly enjoyable in this brand new Yoshi adventure and was completely challenging in times which is exactly how I want a game to make me feel: extremely pissed off and swearing at a kid’s game. The level design and enemy design are varied and their creativity is really spewed into this game. Just one thing, the noises Yoshi makes… gah! Shut up!

SCORE: 7/10

Release Date: Out now
Available from: EB Games: $79.95 without Amiibo

$89.95 with Amiibo

Developed by: Good-Feel
Published by: Nintendo

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