by Josh Ennor

Baby’s First Starcraft…or so I thought.

Interloper is an online multiplayer real-time strategy game from developers Monogon Games. It has a beautiful, yet simple aesthetic; short, fast-paced games and after only a few matches, you begin to feel like you’ve been playing RTS games for a long time.


Full disclosure: The wonderful people are Monogon Games provided us with a press copy of Interloper at our request, which we are truly thankful for!

Now, do not let me sell the visuals of this game short by calling them “simple”, they are simple in their overall design, but not their execution. This game has a brilliantly organic feel to it, from the colour of your territory to the sentinels that you control around the map. I immediately felt like I was being thrown into a world where Zangamarsh (from World of Warcraft) had met with Zion from The Matrix and together had produced a wonderful strategy game named Interloper. One thing I would like to see patched in, in the future. Is customisation for your Sentinel. Choosing your own colour, rather than from the 3 provided, your own body, tentacles and so on. It would give a little extra element of “mine” when playing online.


One of the Sentinels playable in Interloper. Or as my fiancee called it, The Robot Sperm.

The matches are quick, fun and exciting, Whether you are an RTS fan, or not. And for those of you who’re the latter, but would like to start, I will immediately recommend Interloper. As it does such a fantastic job of exploring the basics of the game, but still manages to satisfy the level of depth that hardcore players demand of the genre. I’m not going to go ahead and say that it is as in depth as something as Starcraft, but it certainly more welcoming than any Starcraft I have ever played.


The purpose of the game is control 75% of the map. And to cause extreme amounts of frustration to your opponent.

If online multiplayer is not your thing, there is a pretty substantial single player mode, in both a Campaign mode (which isn’t really a campaign, but merely a tutorial for the rest of the game) and Skirmish mode. The ill-named “campaign” mode takes a startling leap upward in the way of difficulty in the very last level, which may be demotivating for some newer RTS fans *cough*me*cough*. But isn’t too much of an issue in the overall game. The Skirmish mode is what will really suit the “offliners”, this mode contains 11 different maps, which when you combine these different maps, AI difficulty and the different combinations of handicaps that can be switched on or off. You are looking at over 5,000 unique games. That’s great single player value.

Interloper is a really solid game. It does everything that it needs to, and does it pretty goddamn well. It’s definitely a game that I can see myself sinking a tonne of hours into, and a game that could continue to update with new units, new maps and new coloured sentinels (psst.. or let me make my own).

Score: 7/10

Release Date: Out now
Available from: Steam ($11.99USD)
Developed by: Monogon Games


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