The Click Cast // Episode 111: Conveniency Is Not a Word!

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I beg to differ…

Coming to you live from Twitch every Tuesday evening, the 4 of us will be talking what we’ve been playing this week, we’ll tackle the news, and we’ll discuss the hard-hitting topics of the week. If you want to watch it live, become a Follower on Twitch! If you’re keen to watch afterwards, the video will be up on YouTube on Saturday. If listening on the way to work is your jam, you can find us on Podbean and iTunes, or your podcast app of choice under The Click Cast!

We’re back with another JUICY episode of The Click Cast! No Cotter this week, but join David, Josh and Lauren, in a Pizza and Sugar Free themed version of your favourite gaming podcast! This week David becomes a game director. Lauren finally gets to finishing Detroit: Become Human 20 times. At long last, Josh has some negative opinions on Octopath traveller!