Josh and David Spoil Detroit: Become Human

Convenience. Convenience.

On Wednesday Josh and David sat down to record POINTNCLICK’s much awaited spoilercast of Detroit: Become Human. What ensued was a very robust discussion of primarily the game’s faults, as well as our own individual endings.

If I’m trying to sum up our overall thoughts, Detroit: Become Human is simply, a ‘good package’. There is so much to pick apart of this game, and rest assured, Josh and I do. I think we discovered that although we struggled to run out of critique of the game, we still had fun with it. If you’re going into Detroit: Become Human expecting a showcase of what brilliant, triple A narrative games can offer, don’t. The story is upheld purely by contextual convenience (it will make sense if you listen to the cast 😉 ), and is interlaced with cliche on top of trite story-beats persistently. Enjoy!