Weekly News Round-up – August 1st

Another week, another Weekly News Round-up.

Here are the biggest news stories in gaming this week, conveniently compacted and condensed into bite-size chunks for your reading pleasure, enjoy!

  • China has officially lifted its ban on video game consoles. After a 15 year ban, console manufacturers such as Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo will be legally allowed to manufacture and sell consoles in China. Chinese gamers had previously been limited to PC, mobile and web browser games. Full story here.

  • The Witcher 3‘s final piece of free DLC is a New Game Plus mode. After a string of free updates to the game, developer CD Projekt RED has revealed the the final free DLC update will be a New Games Plus mode, allowing players that have completed the game to experience the game’s story all over again while still carrying over their previously earned skills and abilities. Full story here.

  • A new World of Warcraft expansion will be revealed at Gamescom next week. Developer Blizzard Entertainment have announced that players can tune in to a live-streamed event at Gamescom 2015 next week to see the newest expansion reveal. Australian fans can tune in on August 7th at 2AM AEST. Check out Blizzard’s other plans for Gamescom here.

  • Terraria is officially coming to the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS. 505 Games and Re-Logic have confirmed after a number of rumours that the game will be making its way to Nintendo platforms very soon. Full story here.

  • Razer has purchased the Ouya gaming system. Gaming accessory manufactorer Razer Inc. has purchased the software and team behind the Ouya gaming system, a crowd-funded gaming console running a modified version of the Android OS which was considered a failure shortly after launching. Razer will also be re-compensating developers that were financially invested in the product. Full story here.

  • The NVIDIA Shield Tablet is being recalled for a fire safety hazard. If you own NVIDIA’s handheld gaming console and noticed that it runs a little hotter than you’d like, now you know why. It may be time to send it back, just to be safe. Read more here.


That’s it for this week’s biggest gaming headlines, consider yourselves up-to-date!


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