The OK Games Podcast Episode 01 – Cities: Skylines, Windows 10 and dead children (24/03/15)

Aaaaaand here it is! The first of what will hopefully be many podcasts from us here at OK Games.

It is a little rough as we are still working out the kinks, but it’s all uphill from here folks! We are looking to release them every fortnight and on this episode we give a short introduction to the people behind the keyboards here at OK Games, dive into the game titles we have been playing this week as well as the announcement of Titanfall 2, the delay of Uncharted, the recent Nintendo announcement and the Windows 10 free upgrade will  be available for those sailing the seven seas!

Have a listen and if you have any questions, feedback or suggestions for a podcast name, please send us an email at podcast@okgames.com.au!



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