Square Enix E3 Press Conference Recap

The Square Enix E3 recap, major announcements are in bold.

Links will be added as they become available.


3:03 AM Facts about various Square Enix titles appearing on screen as we wait for the conference to begin

3:06 AM And we open with a sneak peek at Just Cause 3, this trailer song is catchy!

3:06 AM “We haven’t done one of these in a while” -Phil Rogers, Square Enix Europe CEO

3:08 AM Talking about the past 12 months of Square Enix

3:11 AM Talking about the new features coming to Just Cause 3, upgraded grapple hook and wing suit

3:12 AM Just Cause 3 Launching globally December 1st on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

3:12 AM Another new narrated trailer

3:13 AM A map size of 400 square miles!

3:14 AM Talking about the new story and setting

3:14 AM Endless possibilities with the new grapple hook and grapple tethers

3:15 AM New wing suit allows for new flying abilities

3:15 AM Over 80 air, land and sea vehicles

3:19 AM New teaser and artwork for a new title by Platinum Games, still in early development

3:19 AM New NeiR title, coming to the Playstation 4

3:21 AM I think Jack Skeleton just took to the stage…

3:21 AM What is happening?!


Yes, Hello Children..

3:23 AM Apparently one of the developers is dressed as one of the characters from NieR..

3:24 AM Another new trailer for Rise of the Tomb Raider

3:25 AM Rise of the Tomb Raider releasing November 10, 2015

3:26 AM Exclusive behind the scenes look at the development of Rise of the Tomb Raider, discussing the new technology shown in the game

3:27 AM Scars from the previous game can be seen on Lara’s body in the new game

3:28 AM “We’re putting the tombs back in Tomb Raider”

3:29 AM Discussing titles for mobiles and tablets, Hitman Go and Hitman Sniper

3:31 AM A new Tomb Raider game being teased for mobiles, gorgeous aesthetic with dragons?

3:31 AM Lara Craft Go announced

3:32 AM A little montage with various games, Final Fantasy Heavensward, Life is Strange, new Dragon Quest

3:33 AM Kingdom Hearts creator takes to the stage, speaking in Japanese, no translator in site.. HELP!

3:33 AM I just heard the translator say “…shit” off-stage, whoops?

3:34 AM Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer being shown once again as seen at Sony’s conference, “More to come this winter”

3:35 AM A Playstation 4 and iOS version of Final Fantasy VII coming before the end of the year

3:37 AM A new Kingdom Hearts is being teased, 2D graphics, looks like a side-scroller

3:38 AM It’s a mobile game, shown running on an unspecified mobile device

3:39 AM Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key coming to iOS and Android, links to a new Kingdom Hearts..

3:39 AM Kingdom Hearts III announced, the crowd is a little too excited..

3:42 AM New footage of Kingdom Hearts III, ‘now in development’

3:44 AM A loud “THANK YOU!” is heard from the crowd..

3:46 AM More new footage of World of Final Fantasy, as seen at Sony’s conference, play it first on Playstation 4 and PS Vita in 2016

3:50 AM Discussing new Hitman, simply called ‘Hitman’

3:51 AMA digital title that will update over time and adjust to suit player feedback

3:54 AM Agent 47 has undergone a little facial reconstruction..

3:56 AM Game content updates and changes regularly with new areas and new targets

3:57 AM Hitman coming December 8th to PC, PS4 and Xbox One

4:00 AM New Star Ocean game revealed, Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness

4:02 AM New gameplay trailer being shown, coming 2016 to the Playstation 4

4:05 AM Talking about Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, choices you make will change the game’s story

4:09 AM Worldwide gameplay reveal trailer, coming 2016

4:13 AM Final Fantasy Portal App coming this year, a new app for all things Final Fantasy

4:14 AM One more thing..

4:14 AM A new RPG Project by a new studio..

4:14 AM New studio called Tokyo RPG Factory..

4:15 AM “This is an all-new console RPG”, concept art being shown

4:15 AM Project Setsuna, in development with a planned release for 2016, no further details given

4:18 AM A closing montage, all of the presenters and developers take to the stage for a final round of applause

4:20 AM “Thank you and have a great E3!”