Sony E3 Press Conference Recap

You can find the biggest announcements  from the list bolded.

Please note: Links will become active when they are available!

11:01 AM  Conference begins with an opening montage showcasing some of the games we’ll see coming to the Playstation 4
11:03 AM  Poor dinosaur 🙁
11:05 AM  Brand spanking new gameplay trailer for The Last Guardian! Watch it here.
11:07 AM  Is this real life?
11:12 AM  The Last Guardian available 2016 for the Playstation 4
11:13 AM   “I love you!”
11:14 AM  Guerrilla Games debut their latest title
11:20 AM  Horizon: Zero Dawn, the newest IP from Guerrilla Games. Watch it here.
11:22 AM  New Hitman teaser. Watch it here.
11:23 AM  “Agent 47 returns in the most ambitious Hitman yet”
11:23 AM  Console exclusive beta for Playstation 4 preorders, full release coming December 8th
11:24 AM  Street Fighter V gameplay, exclusive to Playstation 4 and PC, exclusive beta for PS4. Watch it here.
11:25 AM  Hello Games are back to show some new gameplay for No Mans Sky. Watch it here.
11:26 AM  A huge battle taking place in space, looks a lot like EVE Online
11:29 AM  We’ve arrived at Planet E3!
11:31 AM  “We’ll announce a release date soon, I promise”
11:32 AM  Moby!
11:35 AM  Dreams, the newest title from the creative minds behind Teraway, Media Molocule. Watch it here.
11:37 AM  Firewatch making its console debut on Playstation 4, new gameplay trailer shown. Watch it here.
11:39 AM  “This shit just never gets old!”
11:39 AM  New Destiny content trailer, ‘The Taken King’, exclusive timed content for the Playstation 4. Watch it here.
11:43 AM  Oh blimey! It’s another Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate trailer! Watch it here.
11:45 AM  Newest Final Fantasy premiere!
11:46 AM  Well this is almost as adorable as Pele, World of Final Fantasy, exclusive for PS4 and PS Vita. Watch it here.
11:47 AM  Could it be? Final Fantasy 7 remake?
11:48 AM  FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE CONFIRMED!!! Coming first to Playstation 4. Watch it here.
11:49 AM  Devolver Digital bringing 4 new titles to the Playstation 4. Ronin, Crossing Souls, EITR Fantasy and Mother Russia
11:51 AM  New Shenmue?
11:52 AM  Shenmue III Kickstarter launches live on stage!
11:54 AM  Shenmue III Kickstarter already at $3500, wow
11:55 AM  Breaking Bad’s Mike narrating a new Batman: Arkham Knight trailer? First-person view and stunning level of graphic detailWatch it here.
11:58 AM  Time to discuss Project Morpheus
11:59 AM  The Deep and more to have Project Morpheus support on PS4
12:01 PM  PlayStation Vue, a new subscriber premium TV service offering individual channels such as Showtime and Machinima
12:02 PM  Call of Duty Black Ops III announced new co-op features unveiled
12:06 PM  New gameplay trailer for Black Ops IIIWatch it here.
12:09 PM  Shenmue III Kickstarter now at $133,000! Holy moly!
12:11 PM  Black Ops III coming November 6th, timed DLC coming first to Playstation 4
12:15 PM  The Star Wars theme begins playing.
12:16 PM  New franchise additions to Disney Infinity 3.0, exclusive to Playstation platforms, Star wars, Pixar, Marvel and more
12:18 PM  “Alright, alright, alright” …Boba Fett!
12:19 PM  Star Wars Battlefront, featuring Luke ‘Skywater’?
12:21 PM  New gameplay for Star Wars BattlefrontWatch it here.
12:23 PM  Uncharted time! Watch it here.
12:25 PM  Nathan Drake is not in any rush today it seems…
12:25 PM  The demo appears to have been reset, technical difficulties?
12:27 PM  New Uncharted looks incredible
12:30 PM  Uncharted meets Crazy Taxi… with guns!
12:32 PM  And that’s a wrap!