September Games with Gold’s SHOULDYAPLAYIT?! The Deer God

By Lauren McLean

Another month, another couple of free games to play and this month, I’ve been rethinking the way I do these reviews. Why? Because it’s a free game! Why wouldn’t you download it just because? Exactly. So, instead of just giving a recap on if I think this game is worth being, well, free-to-play, I’m going to give you a more kinda “in-depth” look to the game. Well, anyway, this month’s freebie is:

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THE DEER GOD is a absolutely beautiful 3D pixel-art, puzzle/platformer based around reincarnation and karma where you, a naughty, naughty hunter is punished for killing a fawn (Baby deer. Just in case.) and is transformed into a deer himself to find out what deer go through. And apparently they can shoot fireballs? Why would have known?! Here’s your rundown:

Metacritic: 64
Size: 315.95 MB
Normal Price: $19.95 AUD
Original Release Date: 01/09/15


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I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay…

Like I said already, you’re a hunter in the woods, spot a huge buck, wolves spot you, you hunt said buck, wolves hunt you, you kill the buck’s fawn as you are ripped to shreds by wolves. Lovely. And because of said killing, you now must pay for what you did and live the life a deer does, which includes a lot of eating, running, jumping and fucking. Who wouldn’t want to be a deer?

Screenshot-Original (7)

I’m the little guy

You start as a little baby fawn and as you progress through the right of the screen, you grow to a yearling and then a buck (sorry girls) and along the way, you must eat plants and apples to survive, bang all the does you pass by (circle of life, right?) and your little fawn spawn follows you and very quickly dies in my case. As you move through the absolutely beautiful surrounds, you find creatures to kill. Enemies that automatically attack you will grant you ‘good’ karma and killing fellow deer or harmless creatures like beavers or cows will give you ‘bad’ karma. If you’re good, you get a sort of blue, heavenly glow. If you’re bad, you look like a bit of sweet and sour pork covered in sauce.

Screenshot-Original (8)

Such beautiful art. This part especially

If you die, you reincarnate back into your self and lose karma progress or if you have kept your offspring alive, you’ll turn into them and continue your journey. Pretty simple. Just watch out for spikes.


As you progress through the world, you gain powers by completing simple enough puzzles. After you gain a few powers, the game gets super simple. The enemies are no longer a threat and you can play the game like a speedrunner. You’ve got quests you have to complete on your way and you’ll encounter where you have to go through the kind of loop-de-loop of the world. If you pass where you need to be, you’ll eventually get back to it after moving through a few different biomes.The puzzles are really hardly difficult so as long as you remember the clues or frequent your in-game journal, you’ll be fine and breezy through the game in no time.

Screenshot-Original (3)

Apparently deer are flammable

There are a few bugs that freakout for game sometimes. I had a couple where it just stopped working; exited my game back to homescreen; and once where I was reincarnated into the abyss. Also, as I’ll mention later on, there’s 4 bugged achievements. Don’t let this stop you though! No game is perfect right?

Reincarnated into a flying deer apparently

Reincarnated into a flying deer apparently

Game time

This is where it gets embarrassing… I played this game for ages. Hours and hours. And even more. Not because I was enjoying it so much (I mean, I liked it, don’t get me wrong), but because I bypassed a quest cue for around 3 hours after finishing work at midnight. I’m pretty sure I was mentally asleep and drooling into my lap but I just kept on running right. I looped that world at least 50 times. But that was after I already had probably another 3 or 4 hours in it. After I completed the game, I then realised how quickly I could have finished it. Like, 2 hours. HowLongToBeat agrees with me though with their time being just over 3 hours.


I love games like this. In one playthrough (and I admit to checking out the achievements beforehand) I collected an extra 575/1000 GS which pushed me over the 20,000 mark (which I’m sure isn’t much to anyone else). And with my subsequent playthrough, I collected another 125. There’s one problem though… there are 4 bugged achievements. Apparently the guys at Crescent Moon are trying to fix this but there goes an easy and quickly obtainable 150 GS until it’s fixed. For now, it will remain incomplete. Damn. You can check out the achievements here! (Keep in mind numbers 2, 7, 12 and 27 are unobtainable at this point)


THE DEER GOD was… good. Quick, not overly difficult or anything, good amount of high achievements. To be honest, it was one of those games that packed a whole lot in but didn’t have much to it in terms of content. If you put in a lot of time, there’s much to do (and achieve) but other than that, just sit back and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. But if you want to play this get it free now or it goes to $19.95 AU.

game time: Very quick

Achievements: 575/1000 GS

Replay Value: Once for choice based Achievements

overall: worth it based on game time vs. achievements ratio (graphics are pretty awesome too)

Me and the fam

Me and the fam


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