RUMOR: Possible Mass Effect 4 details leaked through survey

So, recently in the news, there has been an influx of Mass Effect 4 articles arising, talking about possible details about the ‘working title’ game for the new generation of consoles leaked from a Reddit user (now deleted). However exciting, we do advise you to take this information lightly as not to disturb your beating heart (but it is super fun to theorize).

This Reddit user claims to have taken a survey online for a bit of extra money and has come across the next Mass Effect context in said survey. He states/proposes: “The next Mass Effect game takes place in the Helius Cluster (a cluster of 100s of solar systems in the Andromeda Galaxy), far removed by time and space from Commander Shepard’s heroic acts and the final events of the Mass Effect trilogy. You are a pathfinder, a combat trained but un-tested explorer leading an expedition into the Helius cluster to establish a new home for humanity…”

He then goes on and discusses other aspects of the supposed game; collecting resources, your efficient crew and they’re stories, dialogue, multiplayer horde-mode, establishing settlements, as well as different strike team missions.

You can check out his full proposal here.

What do you think about all this? Think it’s true? Think it could work? Let us know!

Speculation intensifies

[Speculation intensifies]

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