Prototype Biohazard Bundle now available for download on Xbox One

It’s not very often we get surprise launches in the gaming industry any more, especially from AAA titles like Prototype. However, Prototype and Prototype 2 have now been released in the Prototype® Biohazard Bundle on the Xbox store for $69.95 AUD. The bundle is a 17.6 GB download and both the games can be purchased individually.

It’s quite likely PS4 users wont have to wait too long for this bundle to be available on the PlayStation store, as trophies for the game popped up online last month.

Neither Prototype or Prototype 2 appear to have received any kind of ‘remaster’ treatment, Prototype seems to be a direct port from the Xbox 360, with the same 17gb file size.

There is no word on if this is a teaser for the next Prototype coming soon, however according to Radical Entertainment’s website, they are still working with another studio on an incredible project but that was posted almost 3 years ago after the release of Prototype 2.

Click here to check out the bundle on the Xbox store.

We will keep you up to date if any more news comes from this surprise re-release.

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