POINTNCLICK’S Top Video Game Picks for This Week

August 20 – August 26

You know what’s boring? News. Especially news about games no one cares for! Never fear, POINTCLICK is here to curate the videogames WE’RE interested in, and the ones YOU might want to play this week. Fortunately, the POINTNCLICK crew has a delectable, buttery spread of opinions that will (hopefully) ensure a nice range of diverse and interesting games. Some weeks individuals may not feature, some weeks this article might not exist, but if you’re reading this now I’d say this probably happened.



Release Date: 21st of August

I’ve never played Shenmue, but a fusion of Yakuza’s exploration and David Cage’s Quick Time Events eccentric storytelling sounds like a game I desperately need in my life. August 21st can’t come soon enough!