POINTNCLICK’S Top Video Game Picks for This Week

September 10 – September 16 Edition

You know what’s boring? News. Especially news about games no one cares for! Never fear, POINTCLICK is here to curate the video games we are interested in, and the ones you might want to play this week. Fortunately, the POINTNCLICK crew has a delectable, buttery spread of opinions that will (hopefully) ensure a nice range of diverse and interesting games. Some weeks individuals may not feature, some weeks this article might not exist, but if you’re reading this now I’d say this probably happened.

David’s Picks

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Release Date: September 12th

I am ready for another gorgeous Tomb Raider game. It has been fascinating watching this franchise grow into its own over the last two installments, so I’m keen to discover what new goodies the game has to offer. I just hope it isn’t too much of the same.

Bastion (On Switch)

Release Date: September 13th

Bastion remains the only SuperGiant game I’ve ever really been able to get into. Between the art style, narration, and exquisitely tight controls, I’m going to have an absolute blast playing through it again on the Switch.

Nintendo Labo: Toycon 03 Vehicle Kit

Release Date: September 14th

I don’t know why people continue to play down Nintendo Labo. Sure, no one is talking about it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not awesome! Look, I understand the inconvenience of the affair but if you have some extra room in your house to store the finished products, consider giving Labo a chance. I probably won’t pick this up straight away due to lack of storage space, but god damn does it look fun to mess around with. What will they come up with next…