PlayStation Plus: Free Games For August 2018

Another month comes with another fresh batch of PS Plus goodies!

Mafia 3 kicks off the month with its own distinct take on the open-world crime drama, set within a fictionalised rendition of 1960’s New Orleans. As if that’s not frightening enough, PlayStation wishes to remind you of all the sleepless nights spent with (iconic slasher villain), in Dead by Daylight.

“Ahh, that’s it?” I hear you ask…

Of course not, our overlords at Sony weren’t simply pleased with reintroducing your irrational fear of sleep, they decided that a selection of bonus video games ought to make that PlayStation Plus subscription a little more appealing to your wallet.

Knowledge is Power is a trivia game in Sony’s line of mobile-phone controlled Playlink titles, and is being offered alongside PSVR horror title Here They Lie as bonus titles this month. Whereas PS3 titles Bound by Flame and Serious Sam 3: BFE join PS Vita’s Draw Slasher and Space Hulk in rounding off this month’s selection.

Mafia 3 – PS4


Dead by Daylight – PS4

Knowledge is Power – Playlink Bonus Title

Here They Lie – PSVR Bonus Title

Bound By Flame – PS3

Serious Sam 3: BFE – PS3

Draw Slasher – PS Vita

Space Hulk – PS Vita

This month’s listing comes courtesy of the PlayStation Blog.

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