PC Gaming Show E3 Recap

You can find the biggest announcements  from the list bolded.

Please note: Links will become active when they are available!

11:04 AM  Host Sean ‘Day9’ Plott takes the stage
11:05 AM  Day9 welcomes John of Tripwire Interactive to the stage to talk Killing Floor 2
11:07 AM  New Killing Floor 2 features revealed. Super Gore Tech, User Made Maps, Content Pack (Incinerate & Detonate).
11:11 AM  Updates confirmed to NOT wipe player progression!
11:11 AM  A brand new game from Tripwire Interactive?!
11:12 AM  Rising Storm 2 confirmed! Watch it here.
11:12 AM  What a groovy backing track!
11:13 AM  Chris Roberts, developer of Star Citizen appears via a video feed.
11:16 AM  Chief Gaming Scientist for AMD, Richard Huddy takes the stage.
11:16 AM  He brings gifts!
11:18 AM  We talking graphics cards!
11:20 AM  Huddy claims that DirectX 12 will allow the things that AMD has always wanted to do.
11:23 AM  Moving to the games side of things!
11:23 AM  Jean-Francois Dugas and Jonathan Jacques-Belletête of Eidos Montreal come out to talk Deus Ex: Mankind Divided!
11:27 AM  A whole lot of technical terms that I do not understand appear on screen. But MAN, this game looks pretty.
11:30 AM  The wonderful French developers leave the stage.
11:30 AM  A video talking Total War plays on the screen with New Zealand’s very own Lorde as the soundtrack! Watch it here.
11:32 AM  Total War: Warhammer being announced!
11:33 AM  Andy Hall & Ian Roxburgh take the stage to talk Total War: Warhammer.
11:33 AM  Pre-Alpha concept art is shown.
11:34 AM  New expansive skill tree confirmed.
11:35 AM  The man himself, Phil Spencer takes the stage!
11:36 AM  Was that…a dig, Day9?!
11:37 AM  Spencer believes that Microsoft has “lost its way with PC Gaming”
11:38 AM  Spencer talks platform uniformity and Direct X.
11:39 AM  Spencer is speaking very cryptically.
11:39 AM  Confirms Killer Instinct will be coming to PC!
11:39 AM  David Eckelberry of Lionhead Studios and James Phinney of Motiga take the stage.
11:40 AM  Eckelberry discusses a video showing the diverse environments of Fable Legends.
11:43 AM  Phinney explains the concepts behind their new game “Gigantic” while the announcement trailer plays in the background.
11:46 AM  Rod Fergusson of The Coalition takes the stage.
11:47 AM  Fergusson says that he “Might be announcing that Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is coming to PC.”
11:49 AM  Day9 asks if there’s anything more for PC plays. Fergusson answers cryptically.
11:49 AM  American Truck Simulator confirmed! Watch it here.
11:52 AM  Ryan Geddes from CCP take the stage to talk EVE: Valkyrie
11:53 AM  A video of Day9 playing Eve: Valkyrie plays.
11:57 AM  Dean Hall of RocketWerks takes the stage to talk Early Access and his brand new title Ion.
12:03 PM  Realistic organ simulation?! Well, that’s great until they fall out of the body!
12:04 PM  Tom Glunt and Stephen Taney of Pixel Titans take the stage to talked Strafe!
12:08 PM  Pillars of Eternity’s first expansion The White March announced!
12:09 PM  Feargus Urquhart of Obsidian Entertainment and Fred Wester of Paradox Interactive take the stage to talk The White March.
12:15 PM  David Braben of Frontier Developments takes the stage to talk Planet Coaster! Watch it here!
12:17 PM  Colin Johanson of ArenaNET is now on stage to talk Guild Wars 2 expansion and Guild Hall feature world exclusive reveal!
12:17 PM  World Exclusive trailer for Guild Halls revealed. Watch it here.
12:24 PM  Hakan Abrak of IO-Interactive takes the stage to talk Hitman!
12:24 PM  His microphone is not functioning correctly.
12:31 PM  Lisa Su, CEO of AMD takes the stage to talk hardware!
12:34 PM  16 16 Teraflops?! I don’t even know what one teraflop is!
12:35 PM  Joris-Jan van’t Land & Jay Crowe from Bohemia Interactive take the stage to talk ARMA III expansion!
12:38 PM  A world premiere video plays!
12:39 PM  Expansion name revealed, “Tanoa”.
12:42 PM  Sherida Halatoe, developer takes the stage to talk her new game, Beyond Eyes!
12:46 PM  Paul Wedgwood, CEO of Splash Damage takes the stage to talk Dirty Bomb and reveal a brand new trailer!
12:49 PM  Steve Gaynor from Fullbright takes the stage to talk Tacoma.
12:54 PM  Ian Thomas of Frictional Games takes the stage to talk Soma!
12:54 PM  Scarier than Amnesia?! Sure as hell not playing that!
12:54 PM  Never before seen footage of Soma plays. Watch it here.
12:56 PM  Brian Hicks of Bohemia Interactive takes the stage to talk DayZ.
12:58 PM  Talks about a 3-prong design plan. An offline, single-player mode. Steam workshop integration and a tool to provide their own DayZ server.
1:00 PM  Video for another Bohemia Interactive game, “Take on Mars” plays.
1:02 PM  Take On Mars enters early access and beta coming later this year!
1:02 PM  Cliff Bleszinski of Boss Key takes the stage to talk reading by the pool and being bored, and eSports!
1:08 PM  Dave Crooks and Joe Harty take the stage to discuss Enter the Gungeon!
1:11 PM  Day9 and Harty demo the game live! Watch it here.
1:12 PM  Chris Sigaty and Dustin Browder from Blizzard Entertainment take the stage!
1:12 PM  We talking Heroes of the Storm and Eternal Conflict!
1:13 PM  Trailer for Eternal Conflict plays. Watch it here.
1:15 PM  Eternal Conflict releasing on June 30th.
1:17 PM  Diablo’s King Leoric confirmed OP.
1:21 PM  The attention turns to StarCraft.
1:21 PM  Trailer plays signalling the beginning of the end for a major StarCraft storyline. Watch it here.
1:24 PM  Wings of Liberty prologue missions will be free for everyone! Early access to those who have purchased StarCraft.
1:25 PM  No Man’s Sky is the final feature of the PC Gaming Show!
1:26 PM  Sean Murray, Founder of Hello Games confirms that when No Man’s Sky is given a release date, it will be a PS4 AND PC release date!