Overwatch Adds Two New Characters – Some Tru-Blu Aussies

Blizzard’s new Class-Based Shooter OVERWATCH has released some brand new characters, who happen to be some Australians, and let’s be honest here, they’re pretty close to real life.


Meet Junkrat and Roadhog!

These new characters are obviously inspired by the Mad Max series, which is basically a look into our day-to-day lives, minus the dropbears. I think it’s only fitting that Australia’s character additions are both highly dangerous criminals.

As an Aussie who has met her fair share of outback bogans, their accents are pretty decent, even though Junkrat sounds like a mix between Lil’ Elvis Jones and Quinten Tarentino’s shitty Aussie accent in Django Unchained.

Anyway, Junkrat is the little(er) guy with the flame-y hair, he seems to really love destruction with a grenade launcher as his primary weapon and mines to go along with it, which can be remotely detonated or he can use for some much needed air. He also has an immobilising bear-trap kinda thing which brakes after a short amount of time. Maybe he would have been more effective with a shopping bag. He’s also got little, remote-controlled explosive called the Rip-Tyre which you can drive for 10 seconds into unsuspecting enemies for ultimate damage.

Roadhog is the one with the pig tattooed on his extremely accurate, giant, meaty gullet. He’s got a powerful shotgun called the Scrap Gun, used for both short and long-ranged attacks. His Chain Hook can bring far away enemies much closer into his loving embrace before their ultimate demise. If that wasn’t good enough, he can also take a giant wiff of what we can only assume to be petrol fumes, to boost his already high health.

Blizzard also released a little trailer showing their destructive habits. Take a look!

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