Nintendo Direct E3 Recap

The Nintendo Direct E3 recap, major announcements are in bold.

Links will be added as they become available.

2:01 AM  Nintendo Direct begins.. with puppets!

2:01 AM  Puppet Reggie is doing push ups..

2:01 AM  “My puppet body is ready”

2:02 AM  Reggie, Mr Miyamoto and Mr Iwata all looking fantastic as puppets as they prepare for the show

2:03 AM  They are now morphing into.. furry animals?

2:03 AM  Starfox puppets! Starfox U incoming?

2:03 AM  “C’mon Fox, do a barrel roll!”

2:04 AM  New gameplay for the newest Starfox title being showed off running on the Wii U


2:05 AM  Shigeru Miyamoto talking about his childhood inspiration for Starfox

2:07 AM  You can use the gamepad to look around from inside the cockpit for a more immersive experience

2:07 AM   Use the gamepad to control in first person while the TV delivers a more cinematic experience

2:08 AM  Heavy focus on use of the gyroscope, minimising button use

2:08 AM  Flips and U-turns!

2:10 AM  Not a sequel or a remake, inspired by the past

2:11 AM  Reggie is back, discussing the theme of ‘transformation’

2:11 AM  New info on Project NX coming in 2016

2:12 AM  30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.

2:12 AM  “More new Amiibo on the way”

2:13 AM  Skylanders Superchargers

2:13 AM  New Amiibos with vehicles, Donkey Kong and Bowser with special vehicles for use with Skylanders Superchargers

2:15 AM  Also compatible with other Nintendo games, full collaboration with Activision

2:16 AM  Mario Maker possibly allows you to play as Zelda?..

2:17 AM  New Zelda title for the 3DS being shown off

2:18 AM  Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes for the 3DS, coming this year

2:18 AM  Strong focus on multiplayer and co-op

2:19 AM  New totem mechanic, carry your friends on your shoulders to solve puzzles

2:21 AM  Strong emphasis on collecting clothes and outfits, changing the way you play

2:22 AM  New 3DS version of Hyrule Warriors coming to the 3DS with new characters

2:22 AM  Hyrule Warriors Legends

2:23 AM  New gameplay trailer for Hyrule Warriors Legends showing off the mechanics on the 3DS, Wind Waker characters make an appearance

2:24 AM  Coming Quarter 1 2016

2:24 AM  New Metroid Prime title coming to the 3DS, Metroid Prime Federation Force

2:25 AM  Announcement of Fire Emblem Fates, new title, trailer being shown with gameplay, coming 2016

2:26 AM  New Atlus game

2:28 AM  ‘FE’ coming 2016

2:29 AM  New gameplay trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles X

2:30 AM  New Animal Crossing game for the 3DS, Animal Crossing Happy Home Designers, coming September 2015

2:32 AM  More new Animal Crossing for the Wii U, gameplay simliar to Mario Party with new Animal Crossing Amiibos

2:33 AM  Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival, coming 2015 for the Wii U

2:34 AM  New footage of Yoshi’s Woolly World, October 16th 2015

2:36 AM  New co-op mode announced

2:38 AM  Yok-ai Watch trailer for the 3DS, coming 2015

2:39 AM  New Mario 3DS title, Paper Mario collides with Mario RPG?

2:40 AM  A paper-craft Mario!

2:41 AM  Mario and Luigi Paper Jam!

2:41 AM  Footage of a new Mario Tennis for the Wii U, character growing into giants

2:41 AM  Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, coming 2015

2:42 AM  Discussing the concept and design of Super Mario Maker

2:43 AM  Old documents paper with all the old original level designs

2:43 AM  Underwater Goombas are hilarious

2:44 AM  Mario can now transform into different characters with Amiibos in Mario Maker such as the Wii Fit Trainer

2:44 AM  8-bit Mario Amiibo!

2:46 AM  Discussing the level design of the original Super Mario

2:47 AM  Super Mario Maker coming 11th September 2015

2:47 AM  More news and gameplay during the Nintendo Treehouse live event

2:50 AM  People all around the world playing famous Mario game music on various instruments

2:51 AM  www.LetsSuperMario.com

2:52 AM  And there you have it! Watch the live Nintendo Treehouse event for more!