Moral Kombat X – Early Impressions

By Josh Ennor

What’s that?! You need a game where you can stab someone in the head with a spear made from their own organs?! K.

Mortal Kombat X is the newest installment of the arkade klassic from the Kings of Killing, the Governors of Gore and the Sultans of Stab, NetherRealm Studios. Enkompassing the timeless klassic “Tower of…” game mode, as well as a single player Kampaign, Online Multiplayer and the ever-popular Test Your Luck! It’s newest (re)addition Stamina Bar is both great and frustrating and it’s got mikro-transactions!

But does it kome klose to it’s kompatriots in the series? Is it even komparable? I sat down with it for faaaaaar too many hours this week and feel as though I’m pretty well equipped to answer for you kool kats.

Author-note: I swear the replacement and excessive use of the hard-c for hilarious comedic purposes will stop here. Mortal Kombat X is not a new game. It is the same Mortal Kombat that so many of us have grown to love over the last two decades. Chances are that if you’re reading this and already consider yourself a fan of the series, you can stop here because I can tell you that it’s just more of the same and that you should absolutely love it (don’t stop though because I put a lot of time and effort into this article and I’ll be damned if people don’t wanna read the things I think about a goddamn video game! /endprivilegdedrant)

Mortal Kombat X comes equipped with all the classic game modes, Kampaign, the Towers, Online Multiplayer (which apparently a lot of people have been having issues with but I’ve played close to 30 online matches and not had a single issue and I’m in Australia so to hell with all you guys who’re bitching about their issues!) as well as the return of the “wacky and zany Test Your Luck”, which is actually still stupidly fun and unbalanced. Mortal Kombat X also introduces a new pseudo-mode under the name ‘Factions’. Alright, less of a mode, more of a feature that happens randomly. At the beginning of the game you choose to be apart of one of five factions from within the Mortal Kombat universe, these factions are the Lin Kuei, Brotherhood of Shadow, Special Forces, Black Dragon and the one true faction, the supreme White Lotus (shout-out to all my White Lotus brothers and sisters). All actions that you complete within the game will earn you points towards your factions total score (think of it like the houses at Hogwarts), as well as allowing you to take on “Invasion Bosses” which gives you 30 seconds to inflict the most damage you can to super-strong Boss character and inevitably contribute to its demise. It’s a really neat little addition, however irrelevant it may be for the most part, everyone likes to feel like they’re a part of a team. Even if it is a shitty team like the Lin Kuei.

D'Vorah (left) and Kotal Khan (right) are two of the newest entrants into the Mortal Kombat tournament. They aiight.

D’Vorah (left) and Kotal Khan (right) are two of the newest entrants into the Mortal Kombat tournament. They aiight.

The newest thing about this particular installment of the series is a wonderful and annoying new bar that has been added called the Stamina Bar or Sprint Bar from an earlier MK (I wanna say MK4…) which actually allows for some of the most fun interactions I’ve seen in a Mortal Kombat game. We all have the memories of trying to uppercut our opponent off the bridge an onto the spikes below in Pit from the original Mortal Kombat, and although the Stamina bar does not allow for exactly that but it does allow you to interact with the map in some cool ways! Including but not limited to leaping off nearby objects (walls, tree stumps, some weird rhinoceros thing), kicking a pit of burning hot coals into your opponents face and throwing an old lady named Blanche at your opponent (sorry Blanche, I needed the trophy). The wall leap in particular comes with quite a few advantages in that it (sometimes) allows you to escape from that one friend that just gets you up against a wall and proceeds to uppercut you until death. However, the Stamina bar also comes with this insanely frustrating new ability called Sprint, which can be activated by dashing forward and blocking. Sprinting will result in you, well, sprinting at your opponent. It always happens by accident (to me, at least) and usually as a result of you attempting to block an attack, which of course running full force into their face is totally the same as blocking. Perhaps this will serve some sort of purpose in a competitive tournament setting, but as far as I am concerned, my friends and I are usually so close up in each others faces applying the smack talk that sprinting is anything but useful.

The biggest issue I am having with Mortal Kombat X, has actually very little to do with the game itself, and more to do with the micro-transactions and DLC that is surrounding it. As far as micro-transactions go, you able to purchase small things like “easy fatality tokens” for $1.45 from the PlayStation Network and $1.35 from the Xbox Live Arcade which allow you to see the rad fatalities WAY simpler than normal (which is saying something, because the fatalities in this one are preeeeetty easy to pull off). These tokens I am fine with because if that’s what is going ton make the game more enjoyable for the people dumb enough to purchase these tokens, great! I am happy for you! The “micro-transactions” that has me out of sorts personally is the ability to unlock the entire Krypt, all ~146 graves…for $29.95. Gone are the days of actually having to earn  the cool shit you get in the game, eh? /endnostalgicrant As well as the micro-transactions, a Season Pass hiding behind the name “Kombat Pack” can be purchased for $44.95 (Yes, half the price of the goddamn game) which will unlock 4 new fighters and a bunch of other stuff later down the track. Cross your fingers the Kabal is one of them, thanks.


Here we see Scorpion attempting to brutally murder a small girl’s (Ferra) favourite pet (Torr) in front of her. For shame, Scorpion!

In conclusion, Mortal Kombat X is great, it’s really really great. The biggest downside to it (being it’s in-game purchases) can largely be ignored. It’s DLC model is fine as far as I am concerned, it is just a fun, fast-paced and gore-filled arcade fighter and I don’t know what’s on your clipboard, but that’s a check in every box for me. Cheers guys.

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