LEGO Worlds enters Early Access on Steam

Out of absolutely nowhere, Warner Bros have announced today that LEGO Worlds has entered Steam Early Access, quickly shooting to the top of the top seller list in Australia.

Developed by TT Games, who are responsible for the hugely successful LEGO franchise games; LEGO Worlds is a procedurally generated LEGO building same that allows the player to build unique environments with LEGO bricks in an epic sandbox adventure somewhat likened to Minecraft.

While still in its early stages, LEGO Worlds already offers in-depth building tools, a day/night cycle, vehicles and even rideable creatures such as Dragons. A huge amount of additional features are planned including online mutliplayer, generated towns and underground cave systems.

LEGO Worlds is available for purchase through Steam’s Early Access here, meaning you can help shape the future of the game through player feedback.

You can check out the trailer below.

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