LCK Week 10 Day 3 SKTelecom T1 Vs CJ Entus

By Adam Martin

So, before we start this recap, I’ll give you a small overview of the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) and the standings before this match started. CJ Entus was coming into this match up on a 2 match win streak, winning 3 of their last 5, sitting in 4th on the ladder at 9-5. SKTelecom T1 is sitting in 1st position on the ladder with 14-0 and winning a ridiculous 21 straight best of 3’s.


The LCK Standings with SK Telecom T1 in the lead

They were also on a 17 game win streak until last week when they dropped a single game of the best of 3 to KT Rolster. SKT currently have the top 3 positions held in kill/death/assist (KDA) in the league with Wolf, Bang and Faker. They also hold the top 3 spots in the Gold Per Minute (GPM) with Faker, Bang and MaRin. So looking at this match most people had SKT down for yet another 2-0 in the league.


Game 1

The game started out as expected, with a lane swap for the Vayne and Fakers Azir pushing Coco’s mid lane Ezreal in hard against the tower. First blood came in for SKT at 6 minutes in with the roaming Alistar and Evelyn tower diving and punishing the weak early game of Ezreal. SKT also secured first dragon not long after at just past 7 minutes into the game. This lead continued to balloon. At 10 minutes SKT were up 2.1 k gold, 1 tower 1 dragon, and 2 kills up. From here, SKT didn’t look back. At 25 minutes into game, 1 in the midst of a team fight victory for SKT, they held a 7K gold lead. They were up 4 towers to 1 and had taken the only 3 dragons of the game. The 25 minute team fight also lead into the first baron for SKT. After one more Baron and dragon, a top lane inhibitor tower dive for SKT, the game was over at 31:05 with Faker fountain diving Ezreal for one last kill 14.3 k up and 16 kills to 4. Game 1 MVP went to MaRin


SKT finish this game off

Game 1 Thoughts

This game went exactly to SKT’s plan. Faker got so far ahead of Coco’s Ezreal, that this should be proof enough to never take late game scaling champs against Faker. He will destroy you and be present in all the other lanes and win the game. We have seen him dominate for years and obviously he still can.


Faker from SKT

Game 2

This game started out with a called lane swap and both duos starting in the top lane. Tricks Rek’sai was making an impact early, blowing both Faker and MaRin’s flashes within the first 5 minutes. With this window now open, as soon as Coco hit 6 on Azir, he punished the flashless Faker with the Help of Rek’sai, and the kill was secured by Shen after he ulted into the fight.The game at 10 was about as equal as you can get; a kill a piece and both teams sitting on exactly 14k gold. The game began to slowly slide into the favour of CJ Entus as the veteran top laner, Shy, using his double global teleports to secure kills and dragons for the team. By the 25 minute mark CJ Entus had secured an 8.9 K gold lead. An inhibitor down in the SKT base in the bottom lane and had secured 2 dragons. Using the pressure of the downed inhibitor on the opposite side of the map, CJ secured baron and soon took out the turret and inhibitor in the mid lane as well. The game ended in a very similar fashion to game 1, with a top lane tower dive grabbing 4 kills all but the support Alistar. The game ended at 33:29, 13.3 k gold up and 20 kills to seven. Shy was voted Game 2 MVP with his Shen play.


CJ Entus win it this time!

Game 2 Thoughts

First of all, WOW! Shy is a goooood Shen player! There is good reason why he was drawing so many bans earlier in the season. Madlifes Braum is probably one of the best in the world, he was always seen as the best Thresh and Blitzcrank player but his Braum is right up there in his champion pool. Space’s Sivir is something he is obviously very comfortable on. On a different note this is the first time Faker has lost competitively on Viktor. He was 16-0 in competitive play on this champion until the end of this game.


Game 3

This 3rd game started slow with a regular start for both compositions, however, first blood wasn’t far away. In the 5th minute, a gank by Tricks Nunu into the top lane prior to Dr. Mundo getting to level 6 gave first blood to Shy, with Rek’sais counter gank being slightly too slow. At the 10 minute mark, CJ Entus were up 3-1 in kills and with a slight 200 gold advantage, although SKT had secured the first dragon. The game stayed relatively close throughout the next 10, with SKT swinging the gold into their advantage by 600. They also secured a second dragon! However, CJ picked up the Baron in a jam, packed few minutes with 5 towers and 6 kills falling through out. Fast-Forward to the 30 minute mark and SKT has chipped away at the CJ base and gain a 2.1 K gold lead but CJ picked up their first dragon. Seconds later, SKT equalised the kill score picking up 2 more kills and thus, moving onto an incontestable Baron. After the fall of the Baron, SKT held 5.4 k gold lead.

Through to the 40 minute mark, SKT were gaining momentum with a 9.6 K gold lead, 4 dragons to 1, and they had taken the kill lead at 14-11. As Faker and SKT looked almost certain to be taking a strangle hold on the game, Fakers Twisted Fate moved to the bottom lane to push the wave. CJ made the call to move straight onto the baron and secured it before Faker could use Destiny to move up to join his team in defending the objective. Dragon was now spawning and SKT had to choose between 5th dragon buff and potentially losing inhibitors to a baron buffed blood boil, Azir or Kog’Maw. However, CJ chose to challenge the dragon with Wolf’s Alistar waiting in the wings for a flank, the dragon was started by SKT. Fakers wild cards took down the dragon and the 5v5 fight began. The flanking move by Alistar was perfectly timed, however he missed his Headbutt-Pulverise combo, giving CJ’s super damage combo of late game, Ryze Azir and blood boil Kog’Maw, to take 4 kills from the dragon pit, leaving only Mundo alive. with a simple march up the mid-lane and 40 second death timers, CJ quickly took down MaRin’s Mundo and took game 3 and the first best of three off SKT. Coco’s Azir was named MVP.


CJ are the winners again!

Game 3 thoughts

Let’s be honest, nobody was expecting that. That win is probably the best I’ve seen CJ Entus play in quite a while. Again, Shy played well, as did everyone in game 3, especially rookie-player Trick who had only played 2 games in the LCK prior to the series. I’m not taking anything off SKT for the loss. Yes, it is the second time they have been taken to 3 games in a week and their first loss of the season but I honestly do still believe they’re the best team in the world; they just got outplayed late game, which if we are honest is one of CJ’s strong points. If CJ Entus play this well for the remainder of the season, I believe we will see them at worlds with SKTelecom T1 and KOO Tigers.

I will be covering the finals for both the European and North American LCS as well as the LCK finals. Stay tuned to OK Games for more updates from the League of Legends pro-scene as we get towards the finals and qualifications for Worlds!

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