Konami warns of game breaking Metal Gear Solid V bug (no spoilers)

Konami have released an announcement on their website warning of a game-breaking bug in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain that halts players forward progress and corrupts save files. The fix contains some spoilers for late in the game, so we here at OKHQ have taken all precautions to attempt to avoid this spoiler.

The bug occurs in Mission 29 and 42. Completing these missions with a certain “D-Buddy” equipped will result in the aforementioned corruption of save data file on ALL consoles and PC.

To avoid this happening to your beloved mother-base and probably 50 or so hours of miraculous gameplay that you have put into MGSV, complete mission 29 and 42 with either D-Horse or D-Dog.

Konami have not yet announced a hot-fix, merely an apology.

Don’t care about spoilers? Great! Highlight the next line to get the full information!
Completing either mission with Quiet as your D-Buddy during Mission 29 or 42 will bug the game.


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