June’s Games With Gold’s SHOULDYAPLAYIT?! Massive Chalice

By Lauren McLean

June is here and so are the new Games With Gold games. This month, I’m playing:


Double Fine Productions’ Massive Chalice!

It’s a turn-based, strategy game where you strengthen bloodlines or your people, conduct research and try to save your kingdom from corruption, all whilst fast forwarding decades at a time. Well, we all know it’s free but is it worth all that hard drive space?

I’ll be playing this game on normal difficulty with both silly and serious names (this is a thing), balanced start (classes evenly distributed), IRON mode (which means your choices can’t be reversed) and the tutorial on (I’m a dunce).

First of all:

Metacritic: 78
Size: 961.72 MB
Normal Price: $26.99 AUD
Original Release Date: 21/10/14

Here’s how it went down:


So, you’re this … almighty ruler who gets talked to by the massive chalice in the capitol on the land you inhabit. Unfortunately, the land is being swallowed by corruption, called the Cadence, one region at a time but it takes a LONG time so you’ve got to maintain your land in between invasions. At the beginning, you pick 5 houses to form a basis of families and bloodlines. I chose McLain (for me), Penneys (for boyfriend), Goo (for Zac), Wright (for James) and Kassis (for Josh). Now, don’t get too attached to them because chances are, they’ll be gone very soon.


Your land, surrounded by Fanta

Anyway, the aim of the game is to make it to 300 years without the corruption taking over the entire map which can be quick if you do absolutely nothing. Then, the chalice, being completely charged uses its power to wipe it out for good. Along the way, you’ll have to fast-forward time, research, make more matches for your people, mourn deaths, celebrate births and you’ll encounter random events from time to time where you’ll get to pick one of 3 options.

Well... I mean... Im not sure

Well… I mean… Im not sure

Overall, it is addictive and once you actually make a decent Vanguard army, it is quiet a bit of fun and saddening as the years move on.

The happy couple

The happy couple


The battles with the Cadence are 5-or-fewer Vanguards, turn-based battles against creatures. Rules are simple: defeat all creatures without all Vanguards dying, win the battle. However you don’t know how many enemies are out there or where they are hiding. There are many different classes, such as alchemist (they throw explosive flasks), hunter (obvious) and caberjack (they whack things) and you gain more through breeding. Another game with friendly-fire too, so watch out! (At least with explosions)


Such nice looking art

Outside of battles, you just have to maintain, make decisions and fast forward time, not too much else. I guess I may as well add that the graphics, music and sound effects are really, really good.

Game Time

This game won’t be a walk in the park if you want to complete it properly. And by properly, I mean very carefully. Getting to 300 years took me around 15 hours. Fast-forwarding time really pushes the years forward but when a battle comes, it can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on the enemies. Check out the average time on HowLongToBeat.com

I tried to rush through on my first try and I didn’t even make it to 150 years so take your time if you want to give this game a good go.


After finishing, I have 400GS of 1000GS, which included making it to certain years, finishing the game and random things in battle and maintaining the world in between. Like I said, it’s not quick so if you’re looking for an easy completed game, this isn’t for you.

If you’d like to look at the achievements ahead of time, have a look here.


I thought this would come when I started this monthly Games With Gold review but I didn’t think it would happen straight away. This game is awesome WHEN YOU DO IT PROPERLY and by that, I mean read tutorials, connect strong people/families and build up your Vanguards so they are strong.

However, as this is meant to be a “is-it-worth-the-time-and-space” kind of a review in terms of achievements and game time, it’s not easy and you can’t just cruise through for the Gamer Score, so if that’s what your for, not this time. So:



**So, I guess that’s up to you, fellow gamer

RIP. You were old anyway

RIP Karinna Nakamatsu. You were old anyway

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