July’s Games with Gold’s SHOULDYAPLAYIT?! So Many Me

By Lauren McLean

Yes, I know it’s August. Yes, I’m very late, but July is a very busy month for me and even though this game is no longer free with Gold (whoops), you probably still have it sitting in your games library. Am I right? I’m right.

Anyway, July’s free Games with Gold game is:


SO MANY ME is a cute and quirky little puzzle platformer where something weird happens and you find extra ‘yous’ along the way who seem to be the better parts of… you and they’ll help the actual you to move around the map so you can collect even more ‘yous’. You’ll get it.

Well, here we go:

Metacritic: 78 (on PC)
Size: 931.03 MB
Normal Price: $19.95 AUD
Original Release Date: 17/07/14 (on PC)


You’re a green blob and you’ve just got to save the world! That’s really it. But, that’s okay because that’s all it’s meant to be and you little main guy (Filo) is cool with it. In fact, that’s what he tells everyone he’s doing anyway.


Just me standing on top of a me. And by me, I mean you.

Along the way, you collect the other ‘yous’, named like Brainy Me and Sturdy Me and etc., as well as COLLECTABLE HATS! Seriously, if you want me to play your game, give me collectable hats to enjoy. Anyway, you get to transform your other ‘yous’ into whatever you’re able to do at the time, for example: rocks to get across long gaps and get higher; bouncy, jelly stuff to misdirect enemy fire and bounce on; and so on and so forth.


I may have fallen to my death…

There are enemies to avoid and/or kill, plenty of obstacles and buttons and gates to figure out, so therefore, plenty of frustration to deal with but, hey, some people thrive on that. I am not one of them. In essence, it’s everything a puzzle platformer is. The annoying thing is, is that if you miss collecting another ‘you’, you may get to a boss or a certain level with only 3 or 4 extra ‘yous’, which makes it all the more difficult. THERE’S ONLY SO MANY PUZZLES I CAN TAKE!!

Game Time

Now listen… I didn’t finish this game. I am SORRY but I just couldn’t! I rage quit. I couldn’t go on. I’m not a puzzle platformer fan, I’m just not… sorry. However, I have the stats right here from HowLongToBeat.com which states the average time for the Xbox One version is around 10 hours. I think I gave 4 hours and I wasn’t even half way through.


Once again, not complete but to finish the main campaign, you collect 200GS out of 1000GS. Now, this isn’t much but the other optional achievements award a large amount of GS for things like collect all the ‘yous’ and do random tasks. You can have a look at all the achievements and guides here.



You know what? I’m not really sure what to say. I’ve got people I’m friends with and people I work with who love this game and have completed it 100% with no complaints; just saying “You’ll get there, Lauren. Just give it time!”

Yeah, I can’t. I’m not that kind of person. However, that shouldn’t stop anyone else from playing it because, honestly, it is a good game. Cute design, amusing dialogue and fucking collectable hats! And not only that, but it gives off a lot of GS. Have I mentioned how much I like GS?

In essence:



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