Introducing PixelCrib: Your Australian Home For Video Game Memorabilia

I’ll begin this with a disclaimer. We were contacted by this website asking if we’d like to write a piece on them. Now, normally when we get emails asking if we’d be interested in promoting a certain product or service, we ignore them entirely because they’re never things we want to promote to our audience. But this one actually caught our eye.

We would like to introduce you to Pixelcrib.


PixelCrib is an Australian site, dedicated to providing gaming related products and merchandise for your home (as the name would suggest). They differentiate themselves from a pop culture store by only offering products that are video game related. PixelCrib is focussing on high-quality memorabilia that you would want to have displayed in your home – as opposed to mugs and key chains that people never see.

We were lucky enough to grab two pieces from PixelCrib for evaluation purposes (Untitled 1 from The Witness / A Cozy Yuletide from SUPERBROTHERS) to assess their quality and I was blown away by the premium feel and look of both pieces as well as the prompt and safe delivery. There’s nothing worse than buying some bonkers art and having it rock up ruined.


Aside from art, they stock a huge range of coffee table art books, retro consoles and collections of music. Most of the items are reasonably subtle and would not seem out of place in a home that you may share with a non-gamer, which I’m sure we’ve all felt the pain of in the past.

Their prices are reasonable for the quality of the products (that we’ve seen at least) and although their range is not massive at this stage, there is a lot of promise there and I’m excited to see what gets added in the coming months.