Introducing DeepFreeze, your trust should be earned.

Introducing DeepFreeze.it, a new video games journalism reference resource and industry watchdog, here to help you gain some perspective on the going-ons behind your favourite gaming websites.

From the site’s About page:

DeepFreeze is a journalism reference resource, conceived to supply a reader with easy-digestible information to determine the reliability of an individual writer or outlet.

DeepFreeze strives, whenever possible, for maximum objectivity — supplying factual information so that readers can form an opinion on their own.

Following the great (and still ongoing) #GamerGate controversy of 2014 and the discovery of the ‘Games Journo Pros‘ mailing list, a secret hub where a number of video games journalists from various sites conspired, rife with cronyism. The launch of DeepFreeze aims to shed some light on some of the seedier behaviour that goes on in video games journalism and help you decide what outlets and writers you want to trust and which ones you don’t.

As big supporters of ethics and trust ourselves, we’re all for it and think it’s a great thing. Consumers have the right to know whether the sites they frequent and the articles they read are genuinely honest and ethical.

Is your favourite site on the list? Do you agree with DeepFreeze’s objectives? Let us know!


Zac (@zac_gooch) is one of the four main writers (bloggers) and co-founders of OK Games. He is an avid supporter of freedom of creativity in games and strongly opposed to all forms of censorship. A consumer of iced coffee and baked goods with a weakness for fancy shoes and cats. You can find him on Twitter where he often gets angry over things he shouldn’t like social justice warriors and video games.

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