ICYMI: Dinklebot is out! Peter Dinklage to be Replaced by Nolan North as Ghost in Destiny

In case you missed this story in the news last week, Peter Dinklage AKA Tyrion Lannister, AKA Dinklebot is being replaced by the King of video game voice acting, Nolan North AKA just about everyone, in Bungie’s DESTINY. But not only is he replaced for DESTINY’S upcoming expansion THE TAKEN KING, but North is re-recording all Dinklage’s lines from the original game in order to overwrite them in future copies, so it’s as though Dinklebot never existed. Talk about harsh!

Sad Dinklage is sad

Sad Dinklage is sad

Dinklage was a highly anticipated name for DESTINY‘s 2014 release but he was greeted with a wall of criticism from gamers and critics alike for his less than enthusiastic performance in the game.

Now, for their newest expansion THE TAKEN KING, Bungie let everyone know of their decision to replace Dinklage as the AI character, Ghost, with veteran voice actor Nolan North – UNCHARTED‘s Nathan Drake – to add a bit more ‘personality‘, as said in an interview with Game Informer.

Not only was North replacing the Dinklebot in the newest expansion, but it was announced that North was re-recording ALL of Dinklage’s lines throughout the main game. I guess they just wanted continuity? I don’t know.

Well, from that news, everyone was wondering if it was due to the Dink’s very ‘meh’ performance. However, in Game Informer’s interview with creative director Luke Smith (the ‘throw money at the screen’ guy) and executive producer Mark Noseworthy, Noseworthy says that Dinklage getting booted was because of “Hollywood nonsense”. Basically, North was much more available than Dinklage to be the voice actor they wanted.

He stated: “Dinklage was awesome to work with on Destiny One but we just needed to work with someone who is more available. Nolan–he’s a pro; this is his thing.”

He continued with: “We can call him up and say, ‘Hey, next week can we do this thing? We’re doing this internal play test and it would be great to get some Ghost dialogue in there instead of that robot voice that we use,’ and he’s available.”

Well, we’ll see how North goes in THE TAKEN KING which is due to come out September 15th, 2015.

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