Hatred no longer available for purchase in Australia on Steam

Update: Destructive Creations have now confirmed on Facebook that keys purchased directly from their site now work in Australia and Germany also.

If you were planning on picking up Destructive Creation’s controversial debut title Hatred today, we’ve got some bad news for you.

Hatred is no longer available for purchase on Steam in both Australia and Germany, at the request of the developers the game has been pulled and region-locked. Meaning that Steam keys purchased directly from Destructive Creation’s website most likely do not work either, as the official website states “Hatred game received a region lock for Germany and Australia. Game will not be be available for purchase in those countries“.

It appears Hatred was not even submitted for classification in Australia, most-likely a decision made by Destructive Creations themselves as the game’s ultra-violent content was very unlikely to be approved for sale in Australia anyway.

So where can you buy Hatred? At this moment we recommend community-driven digital games distribution service Desura, where you can pick up the game completely DRM free.

Hatred is currently available on PC only, you can watch a gameplay demo of the game below. (NSFW)

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