EA E3 Press Conference Recap

You can find the biggest announcements  from the list bolded.

Please note: Links will become active when they are available!

6:01 AM  A slideshow begins showing a range of worlds from outer space to a western desert.
6:02 AM  It’s a new Mass Effect game!
6:02 AM  Mass Effect Andromeda. Watch the reveal here.
6:05 AM  3 new IPs, Star Wars Battlefront and Mirrors Edge all teased
6:06 AM  New Need for Speed teased, “the definitive Need for Speed experience”
6:08 AM  “Twice the size of Need for Speed Rivals”
6:09 AM  Speed, Style, Build, Crew, Outlaw
6:11 AM  Pre alpha gameplay demo shows seamless transition from live action actors to gameplay, customizing your vehicle. Watch it here.
6:14 AM  Star Wars: The Old Republic new expansion announced, Knights of the Fallen Empire, coming October 27th 2015
6:15 AM  Knights of the Fallen Empire will be free to all subscribers of SW:TOR
6:16 AM  New CGI trailer shows off impressive visuals. Watch it here.
6:18 AM  EA plan on launching more betas for more feedback and input
6:19 AM  New title announced, Unravel, a physics puzzle platformer, the main character is made of wool and is called Yarny. Watch it here.
6:25 AM  Talking about Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, 6 new classes with new weapons
6:27 AM  New game mode, Graveyard Ops, zombies face waves of plants this time around. Watch it here.
6:32 AM  New solo game mode where the player can face the AI, including split screen co-op
6:33 AM  Releasing Spring 2016
6:34 AM  Gameplay trailer for NHL 16
6:37 AM  EA Sport Ultimate Team, manage your teams across all EA Sports games in one place with daily updates
6:39 AM  New face scanning technology for NBA Live 16 uses your smart phone, called ‘Game Face HD’
6:43 AM  New online game mode coming in the summer
6:43 AM  NBA Live 16 gameplay trailer
6:45 AM  Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes announced, new mobile game featuring well-known characters
6:46 AM  Minions Paradise announced, manage your minions on your own tropical island, releases later this year
6:50 AM  Famous footballer Pelé takes to the stage
6:56 AM  Pelé confirmed for most adorable man in the world
6:56 AM  FIFA 16 details discussed
6:58 AM  Women’s teams finally coming with FIFA 16
7:01 AM  New FIFA 16 trailer narrated by Pelé
7:02 AM  Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, nighttime levels and rain, running on the latest version of the Frostbite Engine. Watch the reveal here.
7:04 AM  No levels or loading screens, free roaming
7:06 AM  Mirrors Edge Catalyst release February 23rd 2016
7:07 AM  Madden NFL 16, Draft Champions demonstrated
7:12 AM  New trailer for Madden NFL 16
7:14 AM  Star Wars Battlefront runs on the latest version of the Frostbite Engine
7:17 AM  Props and locations from the original Star Wars trilogy used for development
7:18 AM  Concept arts and screenshots shown, looks rather impressive, captured on the PlayStation 4
7:19 AM  Live gameplay demo begins, pre alpha gameplay. Watch it here.
7:24 AM  Darth Vader confirmed!
7:24 AM  The player briefly takes up the role of Luke Skywalker
7:25 AM Conference closes.