E3 2015 Press Conferences – AU Times

Update: The full upcoming E3 press conference schedule has now been revealed and we have translated them into AEST for you!

Simply subtract 30 minutes from the listed times if you hail from South Australia or Northern Territory and 2 hours if you’re in Western Australia!

Date Conference Start time (AEST)
Monday, June 15th Bethesda 12:00pm
(11:30am pre-show)
Tuesday, June 16th Microsoft 2:30am
Tuesday, June 16th EA 6:00am
 Tuesday, June 16th Ubisoft 8:00am
 Tuesday, June 16th  Sony  11:00am
Wednesday, June 17th Nintendo Direct  2:00am
Wednesday, June 17th Square Enix  3:00am
 Wednesday, June 17th PC Gaming Show  10:00am

Thanks to PC Gamer and Neogaf user @Cheesemeister3k for the timetable!

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