Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Beta details

Announced earlier this year by Treyarch’s Studio Design Director, David Vonderhaar, there will for the first time in franchise history, be an early access beta to the multiplayer side of the game. You can only gain access to the beta by preordering the game, and with the better part of a million preorders on Xbox One and PS4 in the U.S alone, it is likely to be one big test for Treyarch and Activision servers. However, this early access is only for Playstation 4 users at this point in time.


Black Ops 3 screenshot

The big news is: we now have confirmed Beta release date and duration confirmed by Treyarch. It has been announced that the beta will open on August 19th through to August 23rd. That is right, unlike some games that have a 1 week or even 2 week beta, Call of Duty: Blacks Ops 3 Beta will be 5 days access, but with potentially more visits than any other game in beta at the time. This will give the developers what they need, and if all goes to plan for Treyarch, it will commence the hype train at full speed ahead for the launch on November 6th. If this access is in local time around the world or running from an American time zone, it is not yet known.


It was also announced that this is the PlayStation exclusive beta, it hasn’t been confirmed about when or if the beta will be coming to Xbox one or PC as of yet. So, right off the bat, we have PlayStation getting early access to the game after making a new deal with Activision for exclusivity rights to Call of Duty. Stay tuned for more news on Black Ops 3 as it develops.

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