Bethesda E3 Press Conference Recap

You can find the biggest announcements  from the list bolded.

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If you don’t want to read, you can watch our video recap here:

12:06 PM The show starts with a montage of Bethesda employees.
12:07 PM An action packed montage of game footage plays.
12:08 PM Pete Hines (VP of PR) takes the stage in front of a PACKED Dolby Theatre.
12:09 PM  Hines confirms blood and guts.
12:10 PM First off the bat, DOOM!
12:11 PM Marty Stratton takes the stage to discuss DOOM.
12:12 PM Ladies and Gentlemen, this is DOOM!
12:12 PM DOOM Gameplay trailer plays. Which you can watch here.
12:15 PM Skulls are broken with fists. Internal organs become external organs with thanks to BIG F!@#ING GUN! Environmental kills are plentiful.
12:19 PM Chainsaws confirmed necessary in Demon Apocalypse.
12:21 PM Trailer ends.
12:21 PM Stratton explains DOOM Multiplayer as “fast paced” and with “varied levels”
12:21 PM DOOM Multiplayer trailer plays. Which you can watch here.
12:23 PM DOOM SNAPMAP announced. A community based map and game mode editor. Aiming to be “easy to use” with “no prior experience required” and complete with inbuilt community sharing.
12:25 PM Stratton shows another gameplay trailer, this time set in Hell. Watch it here.
12:27 PM Chainsaw confirmed OP. Even in the depths of Hell.
12:30 PM DOOM gets release schedule of autumn 2016.
12:31 PM Hines retakes the stage.
12:32 PM Bethesda.net announced as new platform for Bethesda mod support.
12:32 PM Hines introduced Battlecry studios and their new game BATTLECRY.
12:33 PM Global Beta announced available for sign up now at
12:34 PM BATTLECRY video plays, showing off the game and the characters. Watch it here.
12:34 PM Harvey Smith and Raphael Colantonia (Creative Directors for Arkane Studios) take the stage.
12:36 PM Cinematic video plays showing “what comes next for Arkane”. Watch it here,
12:38 PM DISHONORED 2 confirmed.
12:40 PM Smith and Colantonia to confirm that DISHONORED 2 can be played as either Corvo Attano (from the original Dishonored) as well as Emily Kaldwin.
12:40 PM DISHONORED: DEFINITIVE EDITION confirmed for Xbox One and PS4 with all content and improved graphics. Coming Spring 2015
12:41 PM ELDER SCROLLS: ONLINE splash screen appears.
12:42 PM Developer speaks about video showing upcoming content for ELDER SCROLLS: ONLINE. Watch it here.
12:43 PM Realm of the Orcas shown for first time.
12:44 PM Dark Brotherhood teased for ELDER SCROLLS: ONLINE.
12:44 PM ELDER SCROLLS: LEGENDS, a strategy card game announced for PC and iOS devices.
12:45 PM Trailer plays. Watch it here.
12:46 PM Hines trolls world.
12:46 PM Hines welcomes Todd Howard (Game Director for Bethesda Game Studios) to the stage to talk about FALLOUT 4.
12:51 PM Montage of concept art for FALLOUT 4 plays.
12:51 PM Game confirmed to begin before the nuclear fallout.
12:51 PM Gameplay trailer starts. Watch it here.
12:53 PM Voiced characters confirmed.
12:54 PM Playable female character confirmed.
1:00 PM VATs confirmed as a combat feature. As well as a super cute dog ripping out some throats.
1:01 PM Boston confirmed as game’s location.
1:03 PM Howard now vows to show “the cool stuff”.
1:03 PM Video shows off the ingame Pip-Boy.
1:04 PM Howard announces that real life Pip-Boy comes with the collector’s edition. Howard confirms it to be “best fucking gimmick he’s ever seen”
1:06 PM Second screen experience app. confirmed for mobile devices, whether you buy the Collector’s Edition or not.
1:06 PM Brand new mobile game announced titled FALLOUT SHELTERWatch the reveal here.
1:08 PM FALLOUT SHELTER is a resource management, vault building game with features from XCOM, SimCity and FTL.
1:09 PM Sexy time confirmed.
1:09 PM FALLOUT SHELTER confirmed free, requires no internet connection, has no pay wall but does include microtransactions.
1:10 PM FALLOUT SHELTER will be available later today!
1:11 PM Back to FALLOUT 4.
1:11 PM Game allows you to rebuild “civilisation” yourself using materials you gather in the world.
1:14 PM Materials can also be used to build armour, weapons and modifications.
1:16 PM Video plays showing the customisation available to the players in FALLOUT 4.
1:20 PM FALLOUT 4 confirmed for a US release of November the 10th, 2015!
1:23 PM Conference closed.