Australian’s Faced with a Possible 10% Tax on Steam Transactions

I honestly wish I could say that the title of this article was a poor attempt at an enraging click-bait.

But, no.

Thanks to the new proposed budget, we who come from the Land Down Under may be seeing a 10% tax applied to all imported digital goods. Including music, videos and software, which unfortunately means anything that is purchased off Steam.

The tax, proposed by Assistant Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg is being referred to as the spine-chilling “Netflix Tax” and (according to a report posted via Fairfax) is receiving wide-spread (almost unanimous) support from both state treasurers and the opposition’s treasury spokesperson, Chris Bowen, who last week criticized the Liberal government for failing to implement any measures intending to protect Australia-based retailers.

Which is all “well and good”, as we as Australian’s should like to support our own. This of course is countered by the simple fact that we have no f!@#ing Australian-based digital game retailers!

I went ahead and found both Josh Frydenberg’s website (which has a contact form) as well as his email address and his Twitter. If you feel the need to (civilly) contact Treasurer Frydenberg to voice your discontent on this matter, please do so. And I mean that, guys. Please be civil. The last thing we need is some self-righteous prick ruining our entire image by attacking this Mr. Frydenberg.

Cheers guys

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