Australian Publisher, Surprise Attack Games, Rebrands to Fellow Traveller


The publishers behind some great Australian-made games such as Hacknet and Orwell have decided it’s time for a new coat of paint. Now, I know in the recent past we’ve discussed that news isn’t exactly the direction we want to be heading in, but if there’s anything we know about, it’s how tough and exciting rebranding can be, especially when it comes to getting the information out there.

And, look, if this news comes with an announcement for discounted games, I’d wanna know about it!

Stephen Heller, Production Coordinator for Surprise Attack Games has stated in their community Discord group:

“For the past seven years, our journey as a small indie publisher from the shores of Australia has been quite momentous. Today marks the biggest stop on that journey so far. A new name. A new vision. A chance for us to stand up and declare our love for games with something important, something special, something weird to say.

*Welcome to Fellow Traveller.*

From the dystopian worlds of Hacknet and Orwell, to our upcoming releases including Neo Cab, Genesis Noir and In Other Waters, Fellow Traveller is here to support developers that take a unique approach to narrative in games.”

With this announcement, Hacknet is now 80% off on Steam, with Orwell being 60% off, and are also discounted on GOG, and Humble!

Fellow Traveller, we wish you well in your future endeavours!