August’s Games with Gold’s SHOULDYAPLAYIT?! – How To Survive: Storm Warning Edition

By Lauren McLean

Ugh. Zombies. I don’t know what it is. It could be the creepy factor or it could be (probably is), like, an actual thing. Shush, you don’t know that it can’t. So, until the 15th of September you can get the little gem that is HOW TO SURVIVE: STORM WARNING EDITION.


HOW TO SURVIVE is a top(ish) down, zombie apocalypse survival game that makes you feel like it’s meant to be tongue-in-cheek… but you’re not quite sure. You’ve got to remember to drink, eat and sleep to survive and craft/create weapons for the best bludgeoning with your helpful voice-over pal, Kovac. Well, here’s the stats:

Metacritic: 71
Size: 3 GB
Normal Price: $26.95 AUD
Original Release Date: 29/10/14


You (whatever character you choose) washes up alive on a strange and infested archipelago. Can I just ask: how on Earth do people wash up ALIVE on a beach? From the middle of the ocean? It doesn’t seem right. Anyway! You encounter, well, zombies (duh) and find Kovac’s survival rulebook which are basically the tutorials.

Screenshot-Original (3)

Haha! Kovac is funny, yes?

The ensuing story is basically linear quests, i.e., “I need a pair of boots. A guy on the East side of the island have some killer boots. Fetch them!”“Oh, sorry, I had the boots but I gave them to a guy on the next island over for a popsicle. Go see if he has them.”“Yeah, I’ll give you the boots, but only if you get me a stash of gummibears. They grow in the North, behind the barricade.”“These are some fine gummibears. Here are the boots I promised.” “Oh, you got me the boots! Wait, these have holes in them. They’re no use to me. Be gone!”


But hey, I didn’t mind it that much at all. Pace yourself and you’ll get through it without much trouble and each step is satisfactory towards the end-game.

Screenshot-Original (2)

I mean… whoops.


Choose you weapon. Wooden stick? Chainsaw? Flare gun? All these are possible which is what makes games like this so much fun. HTS does the survival genre quite well. Day/night cycle; vital replenishment; finite electricity; weather effects; creepy crawling zombie things that hate bright lights. The enemies become stronger and varied as you progress through the story, thus you need to continually upgrade armour/weapons to be able to defeat them quickly with the least amount of ammo.

Screenshot-Original (1)

Huge, elite, boss battle kinda things can fuck right off.

The day/night cycle and various weather brings a panic and an urgency to find the nearest safe house or campfire… unless it’s raining! Because fire and water don’t mix (remember that, kids!) Watch out the the occasional lightning too.

Another cool thing they’ve got is up-to-date tombstones for the other players on the island with you at the exact time you’re playing, which kinda gives you a heads up for when the tough parts are coming. And if you’re a pussy bitch like me, it makes you feel not so alone…

Screenshot-Original (4)

Here lies my first death… of many, many more

However, the inventory is the most annoying thing. Things you pick up/collect are stackable but if you’re a hoarder of items, like me, it doesn’t matter much. I had to constantly drop items and pick up the new ones… BUT OF COURSE I DROPPED THE ITEMS RIGHT ON TOP OF THE ITEMS I WANTED! Fuck sakes…

They also have a challenge mode which is kind of self-explanatory. They give you challenges; you complete them; reap the rewards; repeat.

Game Time

I’m the worst at this. I always forget to record how long I’ve been playing. But, let’s say… 2 afternoons? It’s pretty decent and quick, however, this was just ‘easy’ story mode. Anything more difficult could take you a few more? Maybe? You’re all much better at the games than I am. Here’s the How Long stats for you! (This is minus the “Storm Warning Edition” label though)


After finishing the story, I collected an extra 145GS (not much, I know), and I’m real close to about 130 more with a few (hundreds) more kills. So, it’s … kinda not too great, but quite a few of these achievements are for the ‘challenge’ modes that you can pick. If you want to check them out ahead of time so you don’t miss anything, here! Go nuts!


I enjoyed this game. I didn’t think I would, but I did so as a usual review goes, I’d recommend it. However, this is a HUGE download for the smaller title of the month so if zombie-kinda games just aren’t your thing, don’t download it. The GS isn’t high for completing the story, as satisfying as it was to get. If you don’t like this style, let this one slide. Your downloads will thank you.


Screenshot-Original (7)

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