30th-5th May/June Weekly News Roundup

Weekly News Roundup day! All the news of this week is all ready for you to consume.

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In game announcements:

  • On May 30th, RoosterTeeth’s news channel, The Know, said they had received news from an anonymous source that Microsoft was talking about buying Konami’s recently cancelled Silent Hills game. It was denied by head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, the next day. You can watch their video here.

  • On June 2nd, Hatred, the game some thought Twitch was banning Adult Only games over, was taken off the Steam store in Australia and Germany. However, if you want to purchase this game, you can find out where here.

  • Also on June 2nd, LEGO Worlds (developed by TT games, who are behind the hugely successful LEGO franchise games) a game which allows the player to build unique environments with LEGO bricks in an epic sandbox adventure somewhat likened to Minecraft, entered Steam Early Access. Read more about it here.

  • Another on June 3rd, the official Fallout website was taken over by a 24-hour countdown with the words ‘Please Stand By’. This then turned into…

  • … June 4th, where the trailer for the newly announced Fallout 4 game was revealed! This came after some people from Reddit made their way onto fallout4.com, which was briefly accessible and found screenshots from the game. Check the trailer here and screenshots here.

  • Also June 4th, owners of Don’t Starve on Steam now have the multiplayer version, Don’t Starve Together for free! Josh and Lauren did a few videos in this game and you can find the 1st video right here.

  • Again on June 4th, a photo from online personality and former IGN games journalist and editor, Greg Miller seemed to show an unannounced UNCHARTED: The Nathan Drake Collection on the front of the mobile Playstation store front. You can see the picture here. This also turned into…

  • Lastly, on June 5th, Blizzard announced that they are adding brand new heroes to their game Hearthstone, the 1st being Magni Bronzebeard, in the warrior class, from the Alliance. To get Magni it will cost $12.99 AUS and Blizzard are yet to announce when it will be out.

In industry announcements:

  • On June 3rd, Steam brought in a new refund policy stating that their digital games can be refunded if people have owned them for less than 2 weeks and have played under 2 hours of game play. Some say it’s fair, others say it’s unfair on indie developers. What’s your say? Read more about it here.

That is it for another week! Once again, let me know if I’ve missed something! Have an awesome weekend, guys!

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