23rd-29th May Weekly News Roundup

Welcome again to another Friday and thus another Weekly News Roundup! Lotta stuff happened this week! Wait, you didn’t hear about it? Lucky I’m here then!

  • On May 25th, Star Citizen, a game that has been tremendously crowdfunded like… $83 million backed. $83 MILLION!! Anyway, so it turns out the community manager posted a screenshot which had a partial URL in the screenshot and some people way smarter than me guessed the rest and leaked 48GB of work in progress. Sucks, man.

  • On May 26th it was announced that there is a Resident Evil Zero HD remake in the works for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. So, look forward to that!

  • On May 27th, the trailer for upcoming Until Dawn (PS4 exclusive) was released! Actual release is 26th of August this year! Have a looksie here.

  • Also on May 27th, the new trailer for Mad Max was released and it showed that Max is going to have an actual Aussie accent due to an outcry of people saying that, well hey! It should be! Watch it here.

  • May 27th again, there was a heist that went down! The grand heist of Splatoon games and ‘Squid Inkling’ amiibos! So, a truck was stolen which included Splatoon games and the already limited edition ‘Squid Inkling’ amiibos and they’re not making any more so tough luck! Read about it here.

  • On May 29th, it seems that LEGO is building a Minecraft competitor for their upcoming Lego Dimensions game. Interesting! Here.

In industry announcements:

  • On May 28th, Twitch has announced that they will be banning ‘Adults Only’ games from streaming only days before Hatred is set to be released. Fair enough I think, do you? Read more here.


That is it, my friends! Let me know if I’ve missed anything. Have an awesome weekend!


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