Ubisoft E3 Press Conference Recap

You can find the biggest announcements  from the list bolded.

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8:01 AM  Conference begins.
8:01 AM  Straight of the bat, the brand new, completely self-aware SOUTH PARK: THE FRACTURED BUT WHOLE is announced. Watch it here.
8:02 AM  The wonderful Aisha Tyler takes the stage to welcome Matt Stone and Trey Parker, creators of South Park.
8:07 AM  Aisha welcomes Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot to the stage.
8:08 AM Guillemot announces they will be announcing a brand new IP…now!
8:10 AM  A cinematic trailer reveals FOR HONOR. Watch it here.
8:11 AM  Jason VandenBerghe takes the stage to talk about FOR HONOR, a new melee based online multiplayer game.
8:12 AM  A live multiplayer demo kicks off on a PS4. Watch it here.
8:15 AM  Registering for FOR HONOR beta opens now at www.forhonorgame.com.
8:17 AM  Aisha returns to the stage to revel THE CREW’s first expansion WILD RUN. Available on the 17th of November. Watch it here.
8:18 AM  TRIALS FUSION: AWESOME LEVEL MAX revealed. Trials Fusion expansion released on 14th of July. Cats riding fire-breathing unicorn is good please. Watch it for yourself, here.
8:19 AM  TOM CLANCY: THE DIVISION director Ryan Barnard takes the stage to bring us a gameplay demo of THE DIVISON. Watch it here.
8:23 AM  Ubisoft shows that they have no idea what in-game chat sounds likes in games.
8:26 AM  Ryan confirmed worst mate.
8:27 AM  Beta coming early next year.
8:27 AM  Release date confirmed for March 8th, 2016 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAMES!).
8:28 AM  Cinematic trailer for ANNO 2205 plays. Watch it here.
8:30 AM  In game preview shows off some more of ANNO 2205 and Aisha confirms that a beta will be launching later this year.
8:33 AM  Aisha confirmed fan of dank memes.
8:33 AM  Aisha joins Jason, JUST DANCE developer in the crowd.
8:33 AM  Jason talks Just Dance 2016.
8:33 AM  Cameras no longer required to play Just Dance. Smartphones can now be used as a controller in their place.
8:34 AM  Jason Derulo steps onto the stage to sing.
8:36 AM  Jason Derulo finishes singing.
8:38 AM  JUST DANCE 2016 to release this October and to come with a subscription based service bringing new songs streamed to current generation consoles.
8:40 AM  Brand new cinematic trailer for RAINBOW SIX: SIEGE plays. Watch it here.
8:42 AM  Angela Bassett joins Aisha on stage to talk RAINBOW SIX.
8:44 AM  Genevieve Forget takes the stage to demo some gameplay footage of RAINBOW SIX. Watch it here.
8:52 AM  Forget returns to the stage to announce that the beta will begin on September 24th.
8:52 AM  Aisha returns to the stage to make fun of the team who just played the demo. The nerve!
8:53 AM  TRACKMANIA TURBO revealed to be moving from a PC exclusive to consoles. Watch it here.
8:55 AM  FRANÇOIS ALAUX and TOMMY FRANÇOIS, two devs of the game taks the stage to give a live gameplay demo.
8:57 AM  Playful banter ensues.
8:58 AM  ASSASSIN’S CREEN: SYNDICATE cinematic trailer plays. Showcases droogs and introduces many new characters. Watch it here.
9:03 AM  Marc-Alexis Côté takes the stage to talk ASSASSIN’S CREED.
9:05 AM  Guillemot retakes the stage for one last announcement…
9:05 AM  Screen fades to black…
9:06 AM  Cinematic reveal trailer for TOM CLANCY’S GHOST RECON: WILDLANDS plays. Watch it here.
9:11 AM  Aisha returns to the staged (hyped) to close the show.