Microsoft E3 Press Conference Recap

You can find the biggest announcements  from the list bolded.

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2:32 AM  Montage begins the conference, showing some of the games people are hoping to see tonight. Including Tomb Raider, Fable Legends, Halo and Gears of War.
2:33 AM  Bonnie Ross takes the stage.
2:33 AM  HALO 5 is the first game to be discussed.
2:34 AM  HALO 5 cinematic trailer plays. Watch it here.
2:35 AM  Cinematic trailer fades into campaign gameplay trailer. Watch it here.
2:40 AM  Josh Holmes takes the stage to discuss storyline.
2:41 AM  Multiplayer confirmed to have 24 player maps.
2:41 AM  Warzone Multiplayer demo playable now for those at E3.
2:41 AM  Trailer plays. Watch it here.
2:42 AM  World premiere of…
2:43 AM  From the makers of Metroid Prime…
2:45 AM  RECORE releasing autumn 2016. Watch the announcement trailer here.
2:46 AM  Phil Spencer takes the stage.
2:47 AM  Confirms backwards compatibility update to Xbox One.
2:48 AM  Mike Ybara takes the stage to explain the finite details. Both digital and physical copies supported by backwards compatibility.
2:49 AM  Update coming this holiday season.
2:50 AM  Spencer introduces the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. Features swappable components and custom padding.
2:51 AM  Todd Howard of Bethesda takes the stage to talk Fallout 4.
2:54 AM  Video shows new gameplay footage. Not seen at the Bethesda Conference. Watch it here.
2:58 AM  Screen annotations hints that Fallout 3 will come included with Fallout 4.
2:58 AM  Howard announces that mods created on PC can be transferred and played on Xbox One for free.
2:58 AM  Peter Moore of EA takes the stage.
2:59 AM  Announces ‘EA Access’ subscribers to play the upcoming MADDEN and NEED FOR SPEED titles before anyone else.
2:59 AM  Announces TITANFALL and DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION to be added to ‘EA Access’ this week.
3:01 AM  Xbox Live Gold Members can play all ‘EA Access’ titles free for the week of E3.
3:01 AM  PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES: GARDEN WARFARE 2 announced for an autumn 2016 release.
3:02 AM  World premiere trailer plays. Watch it here.
3:04 AM  Ford GT lowered into the stadium in honour of it’s 50th anniversary.
3:05 AM  Henry Ford III and Dan Greenawalt take the stage to talk FORZA 6.
3:06 AM  Cinematic trailer plays. Watch it here.
3:07 AM  FORZA 6 release date of September 15th announced.
3:08 AM  World Premiere of…a very Dark Souls-y looking game from FromSoftware
3:08 AM  Dark Souls III confirmed for “Early 2016”. Watch the reveal here.
3:10 AM  Brand new cinematic trailer for Tom Clancy’s THE DIVISION plays.
3:11 AM  Laurent Detoc of Ubisoft takes the stage to talk THE DIVISION.
3:12 AM  THE DIVISION beta coming exclusively to Xbox One in December 2015.
3:13 AM  Topic switches to RAINBOW SIX: SIEGE.
3:13 AM  RAINBOW SIX: VEGAS and VEGAS 2 coming free with RAINBOW SIX: SIEGE on October 13th.
3:14 AM  A new RAINBOW SIX: SIEGE gameplay trailer plays. Watch it here.
3:14 AM  Cinematic trailer for the brand new Xbox One & Windows 10 exclusive GIGANTIC plays. Watch it here.
3:16 AM  Beta commencing August 2015
3:17 AM  Montage of upcoming indie titles plays.
3:18 AM  Chris Charla, directed of ID@Xbox takes the stage to talk about independent developers for Xbox One.
3:19 AM  Steve Gaynor, developer of GONE HOME takes the stage to talk about their new game, TACOMA.
3:20 AM  TACOMA confirmed to come to Xbox One first in 2016.
3:20 AM  Derek Bradley from Aurora44 takes the stage to talk about ASHEN. An Xbox One console exclusive.
3:22 AM  Sherida Halatoe from Tiger & Squid takes the stage to talk about BEYOND EYES coming first to Xbox One.
3:23 AM  Chad and Jared Moldenhauer from Studio MDHR take the stage to talk about CUPHEAD coming in 1936 (plus 80 years).
3:25 AM  Chris Charla returns to the stage to announce “Xbox Game Preview”, an Early-Access feature for Xbox One.
3:26 AM  The Long Dark, Shelter, Elite Dangerous and DayZ all confirmed to be a part of the Xbox Game Preview.
3:27 AM  Dean Hall, creator of DayZ takes the stage.
3:27 AM  New Zealand accents are great.
3:28 AM  Cinematic teaser for ION plays, coming first to Xbox One and PC. Watch it here.
3:29 AM  Brian Horton of Crystal Dynamics takes the stage to talk RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER.
3:30 AM  World premiere gameplay trailer plays. Watch it here.
3:36 AM  Lara says that we’re all thinking! “Amazing!”
3:36 AM  RARE REPLAY announced. 30 classic RARE games. Including CONKER’S BAD FUR DAY, PERFECT DARK, BANJO KAZOOIE, BATTLETOADS and VIVA PINATA. Coming August 4, 2015.
3:39 AM  Brand new game from RARE, SEA OF THIEVES announced. Watch it here.
3:41 AM  Cinematic trailer for FABLE LEGENDS plays. Watch it here. Cersei Lannister, is that you?!
3:43 AM  Kudo Tsunoda takes the stage to talk FABLE LEGENDS, announce their new partnership with Valve VR, Oculus Rift and Microsoft HoloLens.
3:45 AM  Lydia Winters of Mojang takes the stage to show a brand new version of Minecraft built just for the HoloLens. This includes “on the wall” or “3D on a table”. Watch the demonstration here.
3:51 AM  Rod Gergusson of The Coalition takes the stage.
3:51 AM  GEARS OF WAR: ULTIMATE EDITION announced. A HD remake of GEARS OF WAR for the Xbox One to be released August 2015. Multiplayer beta available now.
3:52 AM  Gameplay demo for GEARS 4 plays. Watch it here.
3:58 AM  GEARS 4 given release date of Holiday 2016.
4:00 AM  Phil Spencer returns to the stage to close out the conference.
4:01 AM  He thanks us. We love you, Phil.