You Should Give The Division Another Crack

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In case you’re wondering, Kim’s leg and face is still busted.

With what seems to be an ongoing trend with all Ubisoft titles as of late, The Division has been steadily improving since its initial release in March 2016 – I would know, I’m constantly revisiting the game every four months or so in the hopes of rekindling my love for it. So, while news of The Division 2 seeps through the Ubisoft PR campaign, now seems like as good a time as any to dive back in. Indeed, it seems other people share my sentiment, because last night I was struck with a waiting queue to login!

It’s so weird, I can honestly say that all I have been thinking about as of late is playing The Division, yes, it could be pre-exam procrastination tendencies trying to latch onto something, but damn they’ve made the game better. I know, I know, I hear you asking, what have they actually done? Why should I hop back in and be let down again by my frustrating inability to comprehend how to manage the game’s new systems? Well, I’m not just a pretty face here to complain about a lack of Sam Fisher in this year’s E3.

I started playing The Division a bit before E3 kicked off, but since the game’s latest patch, they’ve made it even easier for long-time disenfranchised fans to pop back in. Essentially, they’ve given everyone a boatload of gear and materials, so I suggest going to the ‘rewards claim’ vendor first to grab all your new caches. Once unlocked, you’ll find that you’ve been gifted a whole suite of gear that’s level 270 and above, immediately boosting your gear score and unlocking ‘world tier 5’. You’ll also get a new cache every time you ‘level up’, as well as when you complete specific challenges/commendations.


What is world tier 5 you may ask? In a previous patch they implemented the idea of segmenting the world into separate instances which scale the enemies, loot and mission rewards to your gear score. The primary benefit to this system is that there is loot to be gained everywhere. Whether you’re completing a daily mission, doing some underground phases, or just killing random dogs enemies on the street, there’s always new bright oranges to find. The way these types of persistent multiplayer games SHOULD work, is that there should ALWAYS be something to do that is progressing your character in a meaningful way. It’s absolutely bewildering to me that games like Destiny didn’t get the memo, and it’s suffering because of that. Heck, its taken Ubisoft two years to get it right.

If, like me, you had a bunch of stored up currency as well, you can put that to use at the game’s optimisation station. This workbench exhibits the purest version of equipment upgrading to exist in a game. Whilst the recalibration station is still there, the optimisation bench lets you do a flat upgrade on all the item’s stats, at the cost of Division Tech and Credits. Given how much orange loot drops now, just vendor them for credits, and there is a fair amount of activities that net Division Tech, so don’t stress about running out.


Other than that, fiddle and tinker with your gear sets, make new loadouts and have some fun customising everything. Attachments have been made less over-powered, so really the main one you just want to make sure is good for each weapon is the ‘extended magazine’. Because all the original vendors still exist, it can seem daunting. However, once you’ve spent a bit of time checking them out, you’ll realise that there are only a couple that offer anything worthwhile.

Even little things like the portable shield ability glitch has been fixed, it’s so cool now! Once you’ve kitted out your character with all the new goodies, there’s so much more to be done. Better loot drops pretty consistently, and you can take to the new (and free) horde mode missions in the ‘West Side Pier’, or complete daily/weekly High-value-targets, missions and incursions. The underground missions have also received a checkpoint system now so they’re actually more enjoyable to tackle on a hyper-challenging difficulty.


Lastly, in the latest update (1.8.2), released on the 14th of June, they’ve implemented shield challenges into the game. Think, Compendium from DOTA or Battlepass from Fortnite; each shield has 4 tiers which you fill out by accomplishing specific challenges, and upon filling out a tier you receive special awards. After players have completed all the tiers, you’ll unlock more neat stuff for The Division, but they will also give you something interesting in The Division 2 once it releases – I hope it’s a diverse range of slouchy beanies.

Admittedly, I haven’t dipped back into the multiplayer, I know the survival expansion implemented a really well-done purified version of the Dark Zone, but honestly I just enjoy ‘shooting the shit’ in Player Vs. Environment.

Stay tuned for some more Division 2 discussion soon!

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