Ubisoft Press Conference Recap E3 2018

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Sam Fisher will be at Sony, yeh?

I think I speak for myself when I say that Ubisoft’s press conference was a colossal disappointment. The over-reliance on a ‘trailer-talk-trailer-talk’ formula for almost every game dragged the press conference and built my impatience beyond breaking point.

Just Dance 2019

This semi live, semi not live performance was definitely not the highlight of the presser, but this continued way of announcing Just Dance still tops any other way they could.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

More details on the nature of Beyond Good and Evil 2 were announced at the Ubisoft press conference, including its open world design, and collaboration with hitrecord, joseph gordon levitt’s collaborative media company.

Rainbow Six Siege

Is getting an eSports documentary.

Trials Rising

After a silly reveal on the stage floor, we got some Trials Rising gameplay.

The Division 2

Due to a reveal on Microsoft’s stage yesterday, The Division came out with a story trailer and post-conference gameplay. Key takeaways: Free DLC and 8-player raids, however, we’re still waiting on Dark Zone news.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

New gameplay footage of the Donkey Kong DLC coming to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Coming to Switch June 26.

Skull & Bones

New cinematic and gameplay trailers for Skull & Bones, attempting to show off exactly what we can expect from the full released title in 2019.


Weird semi-FMV VR game with Elijah Wood. Need I say more?

The Crew 2

Now with more crews. Seriously, you got your boat, your plane, your car, your expectations.


Toys to life is still a thing! How long will this one last? On the plus side, the Switch is getting a Starfox collaboration. Starlink comes out on October 5 2018.

For Honor

Free from the 11th -18th of June. Reveal of new warrior faction coming out on October 5 2018.

Assassins Creed: Odyssey

We received a WHOLE LOTTA information on Odyssey, including details of new combat mechanics, world design, and narrative. You can read a more comprehensive article in my piece here. Otherwise, check out these trailers! Assassins Creed: Odyssey is set to release on October 5 2018. If you want a more in-depth opinion, check out my other article on whether or not Assassins Creed should return as an annual franchise.


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