PAX Australia Indie Showcase Winners Announced

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Every year at PAX Australia, 6 independent Australian and/or New Zealand-based developers are chosen to be given a bit of extra attention on the show floor. Previous years have showcased games such as Hollow Knight, Mini Metro, and Sky Noon, just to name a few. This year, the people behind PAX Australia have picked their standouts within the Australian gaming scene!

And what are they?

Well, here you go:


Developed by: Ian MacLarty

Dissembler is a subtle, abstract 2D puzzle game out on iOS and Android. It’s about unravelling or ‘dissembling’ abstract designs by moving colours around to match, and then take away to solve the puzzle. It’s out now for you to play as well!


Developed by: Caustic Reality

Infliction is a horrific interactive adventure through a broken home. You find your way through this house, once filled with a loving family, piecing together clue to figure out what has happened in the past, all while being stalked by evil. Infliction is due to be completed by October this year.

Spin Rhythm

Developed by: Super Entertainment

Spin Rhythm was at PAX Australia last year, growing a crowd pulled in by its catchy sound and addictive way to play. A light-based rhythm game – unlike a touchscreen DJ Hero – it’s full of fun tunes that go hand-in-hand with its satisfying gameplay. In fact, we did a write up on it last year!

Mars Underground

Developed by: Moloch Media

Every day is your first day of school, and every night the world ends. Get stuck in a time loop, allowing you to leave no stone unturned in this pixel art adventure by Matt Sanderson! You can play the demo in your browser right now too!


Developed by: Tim Veletta

Teleblast is a local multiplayer where portals are your friends and your enemies. Escape your enemies by teleporting away, but also blow them up with the portals themselves!

Double Shot

Developed by: Aberrant Realities

Double Shot is an 80’s themed VR title where you are a badass bartender who needs to keep the bad guys away but also makes a mad martini!

Congratulations to all of this year’s Indie Showcase winners!

We’ll be seeing you all at PAX Australia 2018!

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