Okay, Look… Where is Sam Fisher?

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I trusted you, Walmart.

I’m at my wits end, Ubisoft. Like, seriously, where’s my boy? Those Walmart Canada leaks couldn’t have been for nothing. Are you teasing? Was it a hoax? They PROMISED me a new Splinter Cell game. No gameplay or cinematic trailer exists for this game (which I’m still holding out hope for, Nintendo Direct, yeah?), so here’s a gameplay trailer for a truly great Splinter Cell title, Blacklist.

You can’t bring Michael Ironside back into the studio for one lousy Ghost Recon: Wildlands DLC without producing 1000’s of lines for a new Splinter Cell game in that fresh, husky, legendary voice. I went from Ubisoft, to Sony, praying for the gaming Gods to deliver me from my stealth-operative slumber, but alas I was not heard. So, instead I’m just going to rant about what I want to see in a new Splinter Cell game.

First, I want it to be a complete reboot, but keeping Sam Fisher. Either begin an entirely new timeline with a young version, because who knows how old the man is anymore, or he becomes the new grizzly, jaded mentor. Keep the story simple, none of this global terrorism crap, go with espionage, uncovering a rogue state’s nefarious aims, or unraveling a crime syndicate.


Secondly, keep the Ghost, Panther, Combat scoring system with one change: combine time-to-complete the zone and Panther together, so that players are rewarded more for quick, lethal/non-lethal take-downs without being noticed. This change would mean that only the coolest of combat encounters would net the maximum ranking. It always seemed lame to me that the Panther play style was the most badass way of playing the game, yet you were rewarded more for taking 20 minutes at a time to stealth non-lethal an enemy.

Thirdly, increase customisation. My biggest complaint for Splinter Cell: Blacklist was that the majority of the outfits were hideous, and there were clearly the best options per play style. Give me a beanie, or a hazmat suit, let me make my agent the most appropriate looking guy for the narrative I’ve drummed up in my own head. Also, make sure there’s the iconic Conviction 5-7 pistol, and for all that is holy bring back Kestrel as a playable co-op character with the same outfit.

I think I’m going to go re-download Conviction and Blacklist when I get home. Shame on you Ubisoft.

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