Enter the Chill Zone – God Bless You Alienware

Through the looking glass.

Okay, look… I’m not generally one to give promotion to corporate entities, but there are times in everyone’s life where you must give credit where credit is due, and this, my friends, is most certainly deserved. Walking around on the show floor, standing in lines and tripping over numerous unhygienic teens can be exhausting at PAX. However, just like Alice entered through the looking glass and discovered a fantastical world, media can find a quiet corner to digest free food, drink and more. Enter, The Chill Out Zone.

Now, for security as well as selfish reasons, I cannot divulge the location of this mystical pool-side resort, but I can describe it in excruciating detail and identify every luxurious aspect of it. Located in <REDACTED>, the Alienware Chill Zone (that’s what we’re calling it now) has everything you could want: A fake pool with authentic beach balls, free snack catering which ranges from pastries to sushi to hot food, and the pièce de résistance, two masseuses there to turn that frown, upside down.

When I first discovered the Chill Zone after a substantial period of wandering aimlessly, I was instantly delighted by the serving of free beer and hot food. Covering PAX is expensive; there’s accommodation, transport, and food to be purchased, which ultimately takes a massive toll on your wallet. The Chill Zone provides me with enough delicious pastries and catered food to sustain my energy requirements, without having to expend more on overpriced Banana Barney’s from a Crown smoothy kiosk.

That’s not even mentioning the drinks, which are friggen good drinks! You got the Coke, the Coke Zero Sugar, other soft-drinks, and an assortment of juices at your disposal. I was quite terrified of going without my household’s coffee pod machine for a long weekend, but even that need has been satiated by the Chill Zone! But wait, there’s more. Feeling a bit tight? If you’re like me, your persistently poor sitting posture has exacerbated your back and shoulders’ need for a good loosening. Well, enter The Chill Zone and you can sit down for a personal massage!

Probably the most shocking aspect of The Chill Zone is the surprising lack of advertisements. Aside from a couple of posters, the room merely exists to serve you – I didn’t even need to sign up to anything! I mean, I recognise I’m basically giving a promotion for Alienware in this article, but I think they’ve earned it.

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