Catherine Full Body is Adding to My 2019 Hype


I’ve never been more ready for anime bullshit

There’s been plenty of games announced throughout E3, but there was one company who I forgot had promised us some stuff. I am in LOVE with Atlus, the maker of all the great anime bullshit out there. More importantly, Catherine, the puzzle-platformer closest to my heart.

Last year, it was announced that Catherine was getting a remaster with a whole new love interest named Rin. I kinda exploded a little bit. Catherine is definitely towards the top in my ‘Favourite Games of All Time’ category, and after finishing it at least 3 times, I’ve basically sat it atop my shelf to admire the rest of my life.

However, coming 2019, I’ve now got this beauty. Holy hell, am I excited?!

From the look of the trailer, the graphics have been greatly improved, especially the 3D animations. The nightmare scenes and gameplay also seem to have some extra elements such as massive ‘get stuffed’  lazers, and extra blocks that extend towards the camera. You have no idea how many times you just needed ONE. EXTRA. BLOCK.


Rin also looks just so extremely cute, and her scenes are serene and innocent compared to Catherine’s theme of lust and Katherine’s sharp personality. The trailer also mentions we’ll be getting a new story experience with a new scenario from a zero-point perspective. Question is, what does this mean? 1-point perspective means we can see the point it’s heading to, if that makes sense, so a zero-point perspective in a story sense may mean that it could be a separate time-line or reality from the (K/C)atherines we know now.

I’ll always fall for Katherine over Catherine, but perhaps Rin will steal Vincent’s heart this time? I’ll just have to wait for 2019.

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