Better Late Than Never. Telltale’s The Walking Dead Gets New Mechanics

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During the PC Gaming Show on Tuesday, Lead Writer James Windler, and voice actor for Clementine, Melissa Hutchison took to the stage to talk a little about the final season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead. During a discussion about new mechanics, art style, and characters, we got to see a little bit of gameplay in the pre-release footage.

Now, we all know what Telltale games do. They’re little narrative adventures with branching paths depending on your dialogue option choices and actions. Quicktime events are pretty prevalent during the intense scenes but also while doing mundane tasks like opening doors. And as usual, the game rips your heart out every now and then.

However, during this footage, Windler mentioned some of the Quicktime fights have now become segments of unscripted combat, meaning that they’ve given us a choice of how to fight. It may not be much, but a little bit of immersion is never a bad thing.


We’ve also got a bit of a new camera angle. When walking around the world as Clementine, it shows a more over-the-shoulder look, bringing us closer to Clem and closing us off to the surrounding area. Is this a good or a bad thing, gameplay wise? Not sure, but it’s definitely improved the look of the game with a more grounded approach. It also lets us explore the area a little better than the directed camera in the small are it gave us.


It seems they’re pulling out the stops to try and bring stragglers who haven’t really liked the gameplay before back in, but all I’m really hoping for is that this final season ends on something great. Season 3 was met by a lot of hate from the fans of the series for multiple reason but I absolutely adored it, playing each episode numerous times, and even prompting me to write a feature on the direction after the first two episodes. However, having this be the final season, please Telltale, don’t hold back. Clementine has grown up even more than leaving Javi behind at the end of the third season and her innocence doesn’t have to be spared any more, simply because she doesn’t have any.

Adding these new couple of things to spice up the gameplay will hopefully not be too few and far between, and I’m excited for the release August 14th. I won’t oppose you showing a little but of how Javi ended up either, Telltale…

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